Wilmès II Government

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Wilmès II Government
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97th cabinet of Belgium (since 1830)
Sophie Wilmès.jpg
Date formed17 March 2020
People and organisations
Head of statePhilippe of Belgium
Head of governmentSophie Wilmès
No. of ministers12
Member parties
Status in legislature
  • Minority coalition
  • 38 / 150
Opposition parties
Election(s)2019 Belgian federal election
Legislature term(s)2019–2024
PredecessorWilmès I
Coalition. Striped parties are not part of the government but supporting it from the opposition.

The Wilmès II Government is the current minority Federal Government of Belgium, led by Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès, the first female Prime Minister of Belgium.

The creation of the Wilmès II Government occurred on 17 March 2020 and is an exact continuation of the Wilmès I Government, with the exception that the government now has full legislative powers rather than being just a caretaker government. Opposition parties sp.a, PS, Groen, Ecolo, cdH and DéFI are giving support to the government to handle the coronavirus outbreak in Belgium. The government has certain plenary powers to be able to deal with the pandemic quickly and effectively.[1]


The composition of the government is identical to that of the last composition of Wilmès I Government.

Portfolio Minister Took office Left office Party
Prime Minister
Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès17 March 2020IncumbentMR
Deputy Prime Ministers
Minister of Justice and Director of Buildings Koen Geens17 March 2020IncumbentCD&V
Minister of Budget, Civil Service, National Lottery and Scientific Policy David Clarinval17 March 2020IncumbentMR
Minister of Development Cooperation, Finance and fighting Fiscal Fraud Alexander De Croo17 March 2020IncumbentOpen Vld
Minister of Administrative Simplification, Digital Agenda, Postal Services and Telecom Philippe De Backer17 March 2020IncumbentOpen Vld
Minister of the Interior and Safety Pieter De Crem17 March 2020IncumbentCD&V
Minister of Asylum, Migration, Health and Social Affairs Maggie De Block17 March 2020IncumbentOpen Vld
Minister of Consumer Affairs, Disabled Persons, Economy,
Employment, Equal Rights and Fighting Poverty
 Nathalie Muylle [nl]17 March 2020IncumbentCD&V
Minister of the Middle Class, SMEs, Self-employed,
Agriculture, Social Integration and Urban Policy
 Denis Ducarme17 March 2020IncumbentMR
Minister of Pensions Daniel Bacquelaine17 March 2020IncumbentMR
Minister of Mobility and the National Railway Company François Bellot17 March 2020IncumbentMR
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Defence and European Affairs Philippe Goffin [fr]17 March 2020IncumbentMR
Minister of Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development Marie-Christine Marghem17 March 2020IncumbentMR


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