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WikiProject Years is a project dedicated to improving all year-related articles on Wikipedia to Featured status. We cover all year, decade, century, and millennia articles and their subarticles. Our scope is incredibly large, so we rely a lot on automated bots to do more tedious tasks.

In 2009, WikiProject Years developed a essay for the inclusion of events "recent year" articles.

Important policy discussions took place in January 2009 at Wikipedia talk:Manual of Style (dates and numbers) and at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Years.

Scope Scope

This WikiProject's first aim was primarily to formalize the unofficial standard used for creating year pages. A standard was created and then transferred to Wikipedia:Timeline standards. The project still conceivably has responsibility for maintaining/improving that standard. The project currently oversees all year articles, (e.g. 1345, 2008), decade articles, century articles, and millennia articles, as well as their sub-articles (e.g. 2008 in sports).

Similar projects

The parent of this WikiProject is the WikiProject Time.

(Also, since year articles cover science, philosophy, arts, literature, and other subjects, this project has connections to several other projects not listed.)

To do

Clipboard.svg Open tasks for Wikipedia:WikiProject Years.

Edit or discuss these tasks.

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The collaboration of the week is 1929

  1. Resolve policy questions (such as WP:RY)
  2. Fix templates
  3. Improve 1929 and 1340s

Article alerts

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Assessment and review

The WP:YEARS department that assesses articles for quality and importance can be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject Years/Assessment. If you are interested in assessment and review, please add your name to the list of reviewers on the assessment page.

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Year in Topic boxes

Each century has a different year in topic box, depending on how much information is available in Wikipedia. The following have been created so far:

The last one is for the whole 1st millennium (1-1000 AD). However it has not yet been decided how many there should be. See talk page and survey for discussions.

Old surveys

Example Year

Warning: The following example is a bare bones idea of how a year page should look. If you believe something is missing want to add it to "2004", please don't edit this page but go to 2004.


Each year should have an infobox at the top right. The templates will be the template {{Year box}} followed by the template {{C21YearInTopic}} (or applicable centuries template, see above).

{{Year box}}

Intro section

The first sentence in the introduction explains that the page is for a year and not a number. This statement should only be included if the number is on the List of numbers page. The second introduction sentence will describe the year (a link to a calendar) and the type of calendar the year belongs to. The following sentence lists any official designation the year has. For articles containing year summaries, the intro summarizes the year as a whole in a manner consistent with WP:LEAD.

{{about|the year|the number|2004 (number)}}

'''2004''' is a [[leap year starting on Thursday]] of the [[Gregorian calendar]]. It was designated the:

*''International Year of [[Rice]]'' (by the [[United Nations]])
*''International Year to Commemorate the Struggle against [[Slavery]] and its Abolition'' (by [[UNESCO]])
*''Year of the Monkey'' (by the [[Chinese calendar]])

'''See [[The world in 2004]] for a description of the state of the world in this year.'''



The events section is divided into months, each month has a calendar at the beginning and lists any important events that occurred. The month header once linked to the particular month in the year (e.g. January 2004), but no longer does. Each item links to the day.

== Events ==

* [[January 3]] – [[Flash Airlines Flight 604]] crashes into the [[Red Sea]] off the coast of [[Egypt]], killing all 148 aboard.
* [[January 4]]
** [[Mikhail Saakashvili]] wins the presidential elections in [[Georgia (country)|Georgia]].
** [[NASA]]'s [[MER-A]] (''Spirit'') lands on [[Mars (planet)|Mars]].

* [[February 1]] – A [[hajj]] stampede in [[Mina, Saudi Arabia|Mina]], [[Saudi Arabia]], kills 251 pilgrims.












Add any such timeline articles to the timelines category for that year. eg Category:2019-related timelines. and also the timelines category for years for that topics. eg Category: Political timelines by year.

Summary of year

A summary of the year may follow the timeline, describing events of the year. Be sure to cite everything in this section.

Births section

The Births section lists notable births in that year, divided into month sections. Each entry links to the day page, has a very short description of the person, and links to the death year if known.

== Births ==
* [[January 21]]
** [[Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway]]
** [[another name]], American author (d. [[2005]])
* [[January 31]] – [[another name]], Polonesian King  (d. [[2003]]) 


Deaths section

The deaths section begins with a see also statement, and follows the same format as the births section: Month section, day link, name, and birth year link if known.

== Deaths ==
'''For more deaths see: [[Deaths in 2004]]'''

* [[January 27]] – [[Jack Paar]], American television show host (b. [[1918]])

* [[December 28]]
** [[Jerry Orbach]], American actor (b. [[1935]]) 
** [[Susan Sontag]], American writer and activist (b. [[1933]])


It has not yet been decided what else will be included on the year pages. Many currently have sections for awards, fiction, external links etc. These sections may be removed (or more likely moved to a separate page to be included on the infobox) later, but for now the following form can be followed to close out the page.

==External links==

[[Category:2004| ]]


Notable world leaders

A gallery of notable leaders states and organisations are included in decade articles. Leaders are ordered by the power of their associated state or organisation:

Order Category Examples
1 Superpowers USA, Soviet Union
2 Emerging superpowers China from 2010s
3 Remaining UNSC permanent members (ad hoc order to align blocs) Russia, China, UK, France
4 Remaining great powers (ad hoc order to align blocs) Germany, Italy, Japan, India from 2010s
5 Notable organisations Holy See, Commonwealth realms, EU
6 Remaining states in alphabetical order Australia, Brazil

In general, only leaders in power for over two years within the decade and current leaders should be listed, with a maximum of three per state or organisation, listed in chronological order.


Main tool page:
  • Reflinks - Edits bare references - adds title/dates etc. to bare references
  • Checklinks - Edit and repair external links
  • Dab solver - Quickly resolve ambiguous links.
  • Peer reviewer - Provides hints and suggestion to improving articles.

External watchlist

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