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Welcome to the Middle-earth WikiProject's main page. This Wikiproject was created on 23 November 2005 and activated and merged with the Silmarillion WikiProject on 1 March 2006. This project is an effort to bring order, class, and professionalism to all Tolkien-related articles and media. These include Tolkien's writings, film adaptations of his works, and other works inspired by Tolkien.

If you are interested in joining this collaborated wikiproject, please see the participants section and sign your name to join. You must also sign your name on the roll call whenever the announcement springs up in the talk page. This is usually at the top of the named roll call section. This is primarily for the uses of current active participation. All participants who wish to leave the project please remove your name from the list and add it to the template hosted below active participation page.

Scope and goals

Mission statement

Our mission is to focus collaboratively on efforts to promote interaction, co-operation, and communication among members in order to improve Wikipedia's encyclopedic coverage of Tolkien's legendarium. For examples of articles that have reached an elited state of class see below.


Our members cover articles that have anything to do with a range of the following:

  • Any articles concerning Tolkien's novels, characters, places, plots, etc.
  • Any articles concerning and affiliated with the film adaptations.
  • Any articles concerning other Tolkien-related books, resources, or media.


Our goals include:

  1. To discuss/contribute/improve as a group of editors on anything dealing with Things to Do page
  2. To standardize and have any Tolkien-related articles/lists/categories/etc. to follow this WikiProject's style guidelines
  3. To follow Wikipedia's notability guidelines, to reduce and monitor anything that should not be done.
  4. To improve Tolkien-related articles up to the high standards and quality of either Good Article, Featured Article/or Featured List


You may wish to add your name to the list of participants.

General guide

WikiProject Middle-earth Open Tasks

Here are some open tasks for WikiProject Middle-earth. Feel free to help with any of the following tasks:

Notability: Add sections to all articles citing WP:RS (other than Tolkien, who is WP:PRIMARY) to demonstrate each article's significance; otherwise, merge the articles down to notable topics.

Other: review article alerts, update a random page, or review recent changes

Tolkien articles by quality statistics (worklist) :

What you should do

  • As a participant, be active as you can and edit any mistakes, or information of any use!
  • Take a look at the discussion links, including the things to do page and contribute what you can.
  • Follow the Standards for this WikiProject, as well as the Wikipedia's Manual of Style page. Please cite your sources.
  • Follow Wikipedia's neutral point of view policy. Avoid bias of any sort as this makes articles seem trivial and pedantic, therefore standards cannot be attained.
  • As Wikipedia says, "Be bold in updating pages, but do not be reckless!" If there is anything in the articles you see that does not follow the style guidelines or if they have bias in them, please edit them.
  • Provide as many references as you can, on books and written sources preferably, but TV and DVD sources are being introduced. References help promote Middle-earth articles and can hopefully be listed as Good Article, Featured Article...etc...

What you should not do

  • Anything that Wikipedia is not follows here as well. Which means...
    • No point-of-view (also known as POV), please!
    • No speculation, no assumptions, no fan theories, etc.
    • No original research and unsourced information/claims/statements/etc.
    • No vandalism, and no revert wars either, see the discussion page for details to sort out any quarrels you may have with others peacefully.

Duties and tasks

  • See the Things to do page or watch the {{ME-taskbox}} for more information.
  • There are many stub articles, put in as much information as you can.
  • Routinely check your edits to see if other users have left biased material, unsourced claims etc...

Improve Outline of Middle-earth

The outline of Middle-earth is a centralized navigation hub for the subject of Middle-earth. It is a hierarchical topics list intended to summarize the entire subject of Middle-earth and Wikipedia's coverage of it. In turn, it is part of Wikipedia's outline system which is one of Wikipedia's contents systems. It was built as a "reverse outline", a structural model of existing work, which in addition to being a summary of the work, can reveal the gaps and other weaknesses for revision purposes.

Please look it over and fill-in missing topics. If Wikipedia has an article or article section about those topics, please add links to them.


Featured articles and lists

Good articles

Derivative works

Related Projects

Award Scheme

Please award this star to whoever has contributed a great amount to Middle-earth related articles.

Image What to type Description
Middle-earth WikiProject Award {{subst:Tolkien barnstar|message ~~~~}} The Middle-earth WikiProject Award is awarded to Wikipedians for their contributions to Wikipedia stuff related to J. R. R. Tolkien. This is part of WikiProject Middle-earth. Designed and introduced by Uthanc using graphics by Aranel.


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