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The Led Zeppelin WikiProject is a focused attempt to improve the quality of Led Zeppelin related articles, including the band members, albums and other related topics.

Led Zeppelin are one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed rock bands of the 20th century, and their work is documented in numerous books and magazines. They have sold over 300 million albums worldwide and are the only band to chart in the UK and US Top 10 with all of their official studio album releases. The band's brief 2007 reunion showed that there was a still a demand for their music over 25 years after formally disbanding, while the various reissues and archive releases issued since the 1990s have sustained interest in recordings despite the proliferation of bootlegs.

There are already a considerable number of articles about Led Zeppelin on Wikipedia, of varying levels of quality and depth. These range from Good Articles such as Led Zeppelin IV down to stubs of the lowest quality. As most articles involve the activities of people who are still living, the biographies of living persons policy must be strictly adhered to. This project is geared to improving the quality of articles generally, and raise the writing to a more professional standard. (See Wikipedia:WikiProjects and Wikipedia:WikiProject best practices for further information).


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  • Improve all topics so there are no Start or Stub-class articles left.
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  • Add references for all content, using high-quality reliable sources, particularly adhering to biographies of living people where appropriate.
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  • Watch all articles for vandalism, POV pushing, close paraphrasing, poor-quality sources, fan-oriented edits and other disruption, even if done in good faith.

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"(sarcastically) Oh, good. I hope it [the book you cited] was that Rough Guide. That's the latest one, the most inaccurate. They're all inaccurate, you know."

Jimmy Page[1]

"It was a joke" .... "Somebody said, 'Do you like being on the road?' I said, 'No - I saw this advert for a job for the organist out by the cathedral, I'm gonna bide for that."

John Paul Jones[2]

"Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin" was released on 2 October. In the meantime, here are some other sources to cite from:

  • Led – official website
  • Lewis, Dave (1990). Led Zeppelin : A Celebration. Omnibus Press. ISBN 978-0-711-92416-1. – Compiled by Tight But Loose fanzine editor Dave Lewis, and based largely on first-hand interviews with the band, contemporary transcripts, or other accurate first-hand sources. Some song reviews (eg: "Achilles Last Stand") are too POV to use, and a few dates (eg: BBC "In Concert" Paris Theatre 1971) are incorrect, but generally good for dates, facts and figures.
  • Lewis, Dave (1994). The Complete Guide to the Music of Led Zeppelin. Omnibus Press. ISBN 978-0-711-93528-0. – expanded version of the above, focusing on studio albums.
  • Lewis, Dave; Pallett, Simon (1997). Led Zeppelin: The Concert File. Omnibus Press. ISBN 978-0-857-12574-3. – good for live dates
  • Lewis, Dave (2010) [2003]. Led Zeppelin: The 'Tight But Loose' Files. Omnibus Press. ISBN 978-0-857-12220-9. – various interviews and features on albums and tours. Includes a foreword by John Paul Jones, acknowledging Dave Lewis as a band expert.
  • Lewis, Dave (2012). From A Whisper to A Scream: The Complete Guide to the Music of Led Zeppelin. Omnibus Press. ISBN 978-0-857-12788-4. – an updated version of A Celebration / The Complete Guide with corrections and updates including Zeppelin songs played on solo tours and the 2007 reunion.
  • Shadwick, Keith (2005). Led Zeppelin: The Story of a Band and Their Music, 1968-80. Backbeat. ISBN 978-0-879-30871-1. – Based on band interviews; album summaries contains considerable POV which should be obvious to spot.


  • Any source that bases its content on Richard Cole, who has been discredited as an unreliable interview subject.
  • Self-published works by authors not recognized as "established experts on the subject" (see WP:SELFPUBLISH), such as:


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