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WikiProject Former countries is a collaboration for articles about countries that existed in history, but no longer exist as political entities. The project will work towards defining a structure and formulate a template for former countries. For the scope of articles see Category:Former countries.

A list is also available Wikipedia:WikiProject Former countries/Status (not updated - this list should eventually be superseded after all entries have been assessed).


No parent WikiProjects are defined. However a level of coordination with WikiProjects like WikiProject Countries, WikiProject Limited recognition and WikiProject History is desirable.

Collaborations with other WikiProjects

WikiProject Heraldry and vexillology - through the exchange of banners, we will assist this project in compiling their catalog of heraldry-related articles, while at the same time getting their help in tracking down missing flag/heraldry images for entries on former countries.

WikiProject Historical Atlas - this new project wishes to create a full historical atlas. Co-operation with this project will be via our Cartography department (still under construction)



Bureaus exist to handle general topics and to coordinate provisions that applies to several projects (task forces, work groups and WikiProjects) that cover similar areas.

Task Forces

Task forces are set up to handle specific topics and function like virtual WikiProjects within the general framework of WikiProject Former countries.

Work Groups

Work groups can be set up within a task force to handle specific areas or certain types of articles. In certain cases it is also possible to delegate a work group directly from a bureau.

Descendant WikiProjects

WikiProject Former countries is the parent of these WikiProjects.



This section is now up and running. The {{WPFC}} banner must now be placed on all former country entries and ratings assigned.


Every entry needs a map indicating the location of the country in question. This is a place for map-makers to come together.


WP Former countries is responsible for two major infoboxes used to describe former territories

  1. Template:Infobox former country (Syntax) - please read the Instructions before use
  2. Template:Infobox former subdivision (Syntax)

Ultimately, this infobox should be in place on all historical state entries, including links to its preceding and succeeding forms. This infobox also places the entry into various categories: see list here

Banner: {{WPFC}} This should be placed at the top of the talk page of any former country. In addition to an article rating, the banner also contains a few important article request features if the following parameters are given:


Vital Articles

These articles within the scope WikiProject Former countries are classified as vital at level 3.

Sample Entries

Here are some sample entries. These articles are at various levels of completion.

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External links

  • Footnotes to History at [1]
  • Regnal Chronologies at [2] and [3] (the former is not updated regularly, due to technical problems.)
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