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This is a WikiProject page relating to days of the year. It is meant to be a style guide for date pages (for example, January 1, January 2, January 3, etc.). It is the goal of this project to make all 366 historical anniversary pages consistent in style and content. Pages that are part of this wikiproject will display this on the talk page:

WikiProject Days of the year
WikiProject iconThis page is part of WikiProject Days of the Year, a WikiProject dedicated to improving and maintaining the style guide for date pages.


  • All entries in the Wikicalendar articles should adhere to the guideline set forth at Wikipedia:Days of the year.
  • Any change to the page layout that would be a deviation from the template should be discussed on this project's talk page before such change is made. Standard date page layout includes the sections: Events, Births, Deaths, Holidays and observances, and External links.
  • plus Added: Any material lacking a reliable source directly supporting it may be removed and should not be restored without an inline citation to a reliable source.
  • All events, births, deaths, and holidays should be linked to existing Wikipedia articles and those articles should mention the specific events. Per WP:USERG, such a wikilink is not considered a reliable source, and a direct source is required.
  • Events should be written in the present tense, not the past or future tense.[1] Entries should be written in a timeless fashion so that they do not need to be updated as time passes.
  • Entries should be concise and informative, and not contain long narratives. Linked articles provide detailed information.
  • The date pages should be kept clean of trivia such as film history, fabricated holidays and observances, fictional events, etc.
  • Items, such as dates and years, should not be linked more than once within a section. Years of birth in the Deaths section and years of death in the Births section (e.g. (b. 1970)) should not be linked. Redundant links to other articles (linking the same thing more than once) should be limited to linking in order to support a particular event. See WP:OVERLINK for more on the general topic.
  • Red links should not be created in the Wikicalendar articles. Only links to existing articles that support the content should be added.
  • Whenever possible, new style dates should be used for entries. Duplicate entries on corresponding old style dates should be removed.
  • When ordering births and deaths that occur in the same year, listings should be ordered alphabetically by the surname of the subject.
  • Multiple deaths caused by the same event (e.g. December 7, 1941) may be listed, indented with a ":*", under the name of the event. See December_7#Deaths for an example.
  • In keeping with the layout in the template, entries should be formatted using – because it is easier to be consistently duplicated in new entries. Often editors will use the - instead of the – without knowing the difference. Since – is proper for these pages, it is better to leave them as –.
  • The External links section is considered static and the addition of new links should be discussed on this project's talk page.

Task list

  1. Cleanup: Adopt a date (your birthday?) and ensure each entry has a direct source supporting it or it is removed

DOY articles brought up to standard

In progress (help welcome)


All members should feel free to add {{User WikiProject Days of the year}} to their userpages.



The parent of this WikiProject is the WikiProject Time.


Project guideline:

Style guide (template) to Days of the year articles:

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Templates appearing on Days of the year talk pages:

  • {{Talk header}}
  • {{WikiProject Days of the Year}}
  • {{SelectedAnniversary|Month_Day}}

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