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Welcome to WikiProject Balzac, dedicated to producing a comprehensive collection of well-written articles about Honoré de Balzac (1799–1850) and the 100+ works of La Comédie humaine.

Project goals

  1. To organize all Balzac-related articles into a category entitled "Honoré de Balzac"
  2. To write comprehensive articles in keeping with the best examples of the Wikipedia content standards regarding each of the novels of Balzac, improving stubs or incomplete articles to well-written, academically verifiable, full-length articles on the novels and plays, films generated from these works, the author himself, his wife, and notable characters within his oeuvre.
  3. To write articles on each of his 100 novels and plays, listing characters, summarizing their plot, their impact on future authors and reference in later works.


To-do list

Notable Content

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Article guidelines


In general, articles should be named in French. There is some disagreement on Wikipedia about whether to use French or English, but insofar as Balzac's works are usually described in French (Le Père Goriot rather than Old Goriot), this project has chosen French.

  • English titles redirecting to original French titles: Variant titles of Balzac's works in English and alternative misspellings without diacritical or accent marks should serve as redirects to the original title of the novel. For instance: Colonel Chabert should redirect to Le Colonel Chabert (novel).

Article introduction

Any article regarding a novel or play should start with this pro forma introduction:

To produce: Copy and paste:
Le Colonel Chabert (English: Colonel Chabert) is an 1832 novel by French author Honoré de Balzac (1799–1850) and included in the Scènes de la vie privée section of his novel sequence La Comédie humaine. '''''Le Colonel Chabert''''' (English: ''Colonel Chabert'') is an 1832 novel by [[French people|French]] author [[Honoré de Balzac]] (1799–1850) and included in the ''Scènes de la vie privée'' section of his novel sequence ''[[La Comédie humaine]]''.

Body of articles

  • Background
  • Plot summary
    • NOTE: Do not use spoiler warning templates.
    • NOTE: Keep summaries short. See WP:SS for explanation and Les Chouans for an example.
  • Style
  • Themes
  • References
  • External links

NOTE: WikiProject Novels offers guidelines for components of article bodies.

Links and categories

Each article regarding a novel or play should have as its first external link the work at Project Gutenberg. A list can be found here. Another option is the archive on the Carnegie Mellon University website.

Each article should be listed in the following categories:

  • [[Category:Honoré de Balzac]]
  • [[Category:Books of La Comédie Humaine]]

And each novel or play, respectively:

  • [[Category:French novels]]
  • [[Category:French plays]]


Project banner

The message box template {{WikiProject Balzac}} is available to add to talk pages of Balzac-related articles and appears as:

WikiProject Balzac
This page is within the scope of WikiProject Balzac, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of information on French novelist and playwright Honoré de Balzac (1799–1850) and his over 100 novels and plays on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.


WikiProject Userbox

The userbox {{User WikiProject Balzac}} is available for use on participants' User pages and appears at right.


The {{BalzacFooter}} template below will be filled in as articles are created; it should be placed at the bottom of each article.

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