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The WikiProject on Australian history is a project aimed towards the development and expansion of articles on the history of Australia.

Articles maintained by this WikiProject are grouped in Category:WikiProject Australian history articles by using the history=yes parameter within the {{WP Australia}} template. Articles more relevant to descendant workgroups use special parameters (see below).

Usage: {{WP Australia|history=yes}}


To provide guidelines and recommendations for articles that describe all aspects of Australian history.
To improve Wikipedia's coverage of Australian history by creating, expanding, and maintaining such articles.
To address POV issues and tentative edits in articles within the scope of the project.
To serve as the central point of discussion for issues related to the history of Australia in Wikipedia.


The project generally considers any article related to prehistorical, historical or modern-day affairs of Australia and its territories to be within its scope. As history we regard the study and interpretation of the record of humans, families, and societies as preserved primarily through written sources. In other words, ambition of the project is to cover articles related to:

  • the history of ancient Australia.
  • the history of the indigenous Australians.
  • the history of European settlement in Australia
  • the history of migration in Australia
  • the present day history of Australia

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Parent of this WikiProject:

Parent project(s)

WikiProject Australia (a child of WikiProject Countries)
WikiProject History

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Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific military history task force

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Wikipedia:WikiProject Australian maritime history
History of Australian Exploration task force

Article list

Articles maintained by this WikiProject or related to this Wikiproject, are grouped in a number of categories. They are added to these categories by using parameters with the {{WP Australia}} template which is added to the Talk page.

Category Parameter Usage
Category:WikiProject Australian history articles history {{WP Australia|history=yes}}
Category:WikiProject Australian exploration articles explore {{WP Australia|explore=yes}}
Category:WikiProject Australian maritime history articles maritime {{WP Australia|maritime=yes}}
Category:Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific military history task force articles military {{WP Australia|military=yes}}

A combination of these parameters may be used for articles that bridge two categories.

Articles by Subject


WikiProject Australian history - Exploration of Australia
Main | 1500-1599 | 1600-1699 | 1700-1799 | 1800-1899 | since 1900


WikiProject Australian history - Disasters of Australia
Main Page
Natural Disasters
Bushfires | Cyclones | Drought | Earthquakes and Landslides | Floods | Storms | Tsunami | Heatwaves | Winter, snow, and cold | Biological
People and Society Disasters
Chemical | Shipwreck | Transport | Urban fire | Criminal act and massacre | War | Industrial
Australian historiography
Indigenous Australians prior to European Settlement
Statehood and territories
Australia as a Nation
Australian Capital Territory
New South Wales
Western Australia
South Australia
Northern Territory
New Guinea
History of telegraph in Australia * a number of expedition articles and explorations relate to this subject. see Exploration
Law and Crime
War and Military see Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific military history task force, a task force of WikiProject Military history
Statistics History
International Relations
Russian scare
Maritime History - see Wikipedia:WikiProject Australian maritime history

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Pre-existing standards and consensi: Refer to Wikipedia:WikiProject History for pre-existing standards.


1. Add |history=yes to the {{WP Australia}} tags on all the pages at:

2. Create the missing "18XX in Australia" articles listed at Wikipedia:Australian Wikipedians' notice board/19xx in Australia - missing years.

  1. other tasks to be added


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Archaeology/Land Surveys

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