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This WikiProject's participants work to improve Wikipedia's encyclopedic coverage and the provide in-depth coverage of Artemis Fowl series. They use it to focus efforts and to promote interaction, cooperation, and communication.

If you would like to help, please feel free to add yourself to the participants list. Just make sure to watchlist the talk page.

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Coordinator: Project is currently in anarchy.

Current project/collaboration:
Artemis Fowl (series) was selected for WP:1.0 release v0.7. A rewrite is underway here. We're going for GA!


Participants are considered inactive if they have not contributed TO THE WIKIPROJECT for more than a month (31 days). This is to help the active participants by letting them know who is ready and willing to help them with any trouble with the project. To add yourself, click here and add your username.

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For the articles in this WikiProject, see Category:Artemis Fowl or Wikipedia:WikiProject Artemis Fowl/List of articles (outdated). Also, see Wikipedia:WikiProject Artemis Fowl/Priority for an explanation of importance.
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