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Welcome to the Alternate History WikiProject!

  • Improve Wikipedia's coverage of alternate history.
  • Create guidelines for articles about alternate history.
  • The project covers all articles about alternate history including: novels, short stories/novellas, films, games, comics, and authors.


This project will improve the quality and breadth of articles in the alternate history category and its subcategories using an assessment process. Project members are urged to take an active role in reviewing articles about alternate history.


  • Tag articles.
  • Recruit more members.
  • Collaborate and discuss on talk page.
  • Check the Open Task list for articles that need Cleanup, Expansion, or Creation.
  • Start looking for featured articles and lists for examples on ways to improve articles.
  • Check to see if the Alternate history article needs improvement.
  • Add to the List of alternate history fiction.
  • Assess an article that needs an assessment.
  • Add things here!


Open tasks

There are a lot of articles related to alternate history that need work done to them. Feel free to put any articles in list:

Map requests

Often an article relating to alternate history can benefit from a map to describe the political changes to the world. For an example of some maps go here:Maps of Alternate histories. If you would like a map created, post a request below and an interested project member may assist you. The Alternate History Wiki has a bunch of blank maps that may be useful for this. [1]

  • 1632 (novel) - need a map that corresponds with Europe or the Holy Roman Empire of 1631-32.
  • Code Geass - needs a map for the Holy Britannian Empire, the Chinese Federation, the Euro Universe and the United Federation of Nations.

Completed requests



Use this to tag articles' talk pages:

{{WikiProject Alternate History}}

It will place the Project Banner on the talk page. The code looks something like this

{{WikiProject Alternate History

Project Userboxes

which can be used by adding {{User WP AH}} to your userpage and

Rotating earth (small) south top.gifThis user is a member of
WikiProject Alternate History
or just very confused.

which can be used by adding {{User WP AH 2}} to your userpage.

which can be used by adding {{User WP AH assessment}} to your userpage.

ConfederateLincoln.pngThis user wants you to join
Alternate History

Just copy and paste this {{User WP AH I}} or {{User WP AH invite}} Use this userbox to invite another wikipedian to join this project.

Additional AH Userboxes

Alternate History Image.svgThis user is interested in
alternate history.

which you can get by putting this on your userpage: {{User:Oren neu dag/my userboxes/User AH}}

ConfederateLincoln.pngThis user enjoys reading alternate history fiction.

which you can get by putting this on your userpage: {{User:Erielhonan/UBX/Alt-history}}

Archives of American Art - Guy Maccoy - 2252.jpgAlternate history: the canvas upon which this user
paints "what if".

which you can get by putting this on your userpage: {{User AH Canvas}}

Related projects

Resource links

Online Databases


Other Resources

  • The World Hitler Never Made is a novel that discusses various WWII alternate histories. See the index for various resources as well including reviews

Alternate history related wikis

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