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Welcome to Wikiproject A Song of Ice and Fire, a WikiProject formed to centralize maintaining and improving articles, lists, templates, and media related to the A Song of Ice and Fire epic fantasy novel series by George R. R. Martin, as well as providing a hub for the gathering, organizing, and implementing of related information. For more information on WikiProjects, please see Wikipedia:WikiProject and Wikipedia:WikiProject/Best practices.

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This project will help gather all encyclopedic information concerning A Song of Ice and Fire and George R. R. Martin, as well as all news, media, business information, and cultural references related to the series. Please note that while character-related articles associated with the HBO television adaptation would fall under the scope of this Project, biographical articles about the performers and other real-world individuals involved with the series would not. At this time, the only exception to this is the author himself.

This place is a hub for editors of the pages, but not a place for actual information on the series or a central navigation tool for the casual reader of A Song of Ice and Fire articles.

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To join the Project, just add your name alphabetically to the list here. Every Wikipedia editor in good standing is welcome to join, there is no hierarchy here and everyone's opinion is given equal weight. We welcome anyone interested in seeing the quality of the ASOIAF articles improve.

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This WikiProjects style guides can be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject A Song of Ice and Fire/Style Guidelines. All articles within this Project's scope should follow the Wikipedia Manual of Style guideline for fiction and Wikipedia notability guidelines for fiction, among other guidelines and policies. This WikiProject's guidelines relate some of those rules more specifically to A Song of Ice and Fire related topics.



For additional ASOIAF related userboxes they are located here.

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This can now be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject A Song of Ice and Fire/article-status.

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