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A WikiNode is a standard page that shows how a wiki relates to other wiki projects and communities on the Web. It is part of the WikiNodes Project, which aims to create a fabric among wikis, allowing users to traverse "Wikiland" via topically related links.

This is the WikiNode for the English Wikipedia. If you are a newcomer, please visit our Welcome page, and enjoy your stay!

Wikipedia's sister projects

Wikipedia is hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization that also hosts a range of other projects:

Wikipedia languages


Encyclopedia projects

Encyclopedias without WikiNodes


Other wiki communities

Without WikiNodes

  • Wikia – A collection of wiki communities.


  • WikiWikiWeb – The original wiki: its primary focus is "People, Projects, and Patterns" in software development, but it stretches out to far more than that.
  • Meatball Wiki – A community of active practitioners striving to teach each other how to organize people using online tools.
  • CommunityWiki – A wiki community for talk about communities both online and offline.
  • WikiIndex – a wiki of wikis, wiki people and wiki ideas.
  • Free Culture – An international chapter-based student organization that promotes the public interest in intellectual property and information & communications technology policy.
  • FrathWiki – A wiki for fantasy languages, worlds and cultures (avoiding 'innocent spam', i.e. people posting about personal projects, on Wikipedia).

Real-time communication

  • IRC: server: freenode, channel: #Wikipedia
  • Collaborative editing: moon-edit, server:, port: 32123, page: en.Wikipedia
What is Wiki.RIP There is a free information resource on the Internet. It is open to any user. Wiki is a library that is public and multilingual.

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