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Media copyright questions

Welcome to the Media Copyright Questions page, a place for help with image copyrights, tagging, non-free content, and related questions. For all other questions please see Wikipedia:Questions.

How to add a copyright tag to an existing image
  1. On the description page of the image (the one whose name starts File:), click Edit this page.
  2. From the page Wikipedia:File copyright tags, choose the appropriate tag:
    • For work you created yourself, use one of the ones listed under the heading "For image creators".
    • For a work downloaded from the internet, please understand that the vast majority of images from the internet are not appropriate for use on Wikipedia. Exceptions include images from flickr that have an acceptable license, images that are in the public domain because of their age or because they were created by the United States federal government, or images used under a claim of fair use. If you do not know what you are doing, please post a link to the image here and ask BEFORE uploading it.
    • For an image created by someone else who has licensed their image under the GFDL, an acceptable Creative Commons license, or has released their image into the public domain, this permission must be documented. Please see Requesting copyright permission for more information.
  3. Type the name of the tag (e.g.; {{GFDL-self}}), not forgetting {{ before and }} after, in the edit box on the image's description page.
  4. Remove any existing tag complaining that the image has no tag (for example, {{untagged}})
  5. Hit Publish changes.
  6. If you still have questions, go on to "How to ask a question" below.
How to ask a question
  1. To ask a new question hit the "Click here to start a new discussion" link below.
  2. Please sign your question by typing ~~~~ at the end.
  3. Check this page for updates, or request to be notified on your talk page.
  4. Don't include your email address, for your own privacy. We will respond here and cannot respond by email.
Note for those replying to posted questions

If a question clearly does not belong on this page, reply to it using the template {{mcq-wrong}} and, if possible, leave a note on the poster's talk page. For copyright issues relevant to Commons where questions arising cannot be answered locally, questions may be directed to Commons:Commons:Village pump/Copyright.

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Toronto Star Archives

I'm uncertain if the following image should be PD: File:Raymond Moriyama.jpg – the source is the Toronto Star archives via The Toronto Public Library Digital Archive, which lists the license information here. According to this, it is free for "personal, educational, and research use" but specifically notes a licensing fee for commercial use, which leads me to think it's not public domain. I am uncertain how to proceed. – Reidgreg (talk) 15:35, 9 April 2020 (UTC)

Vector graphics recreation of "complicated" logo - is it free or non-free?

I recreated the US version of File:KR-logo.png in Inkscape for use on Crazyracing Kartrider, and they look practically the same (including the TM, but excluding the "Crazyracing" word mark and with shorter height due to the official changes in the US logo). What do I classify vectorizations of logos as, especially where the contents seemingly do not fall under simple geometrical content? - Ray Koopa (talk) 12:37, 11 April 2020 (UTC)

General question about derivative works

Can you please provide some guidance as to the copyright status of derivative works, where the work is essentially a rendition of an original work that is now in public domain?

For instance, if the New York Philharmonic plays and records a piece by Mozart that is obviously in the public domain, does this new rendition have a separate copyright (that can be non-free), or must it be released under a free license or in the public domain? Does the answer to this depend on the amount of "original" contribution added by the Philharmonic (and therefore, if their performance is nearly identical to the original piece by Mozart, it would not have any additional copyright)? Are there clear laws or court rulings about this particularly with regard to music? Please {{ping}} me in your responses. hujiTALK 14:14, 13 April 2020 (UTC)

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