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Case Created Last volunteer edit Last modified
Title Status User Time User Time User Time
1987 Icelandic parliamentary election New Humongous125 (t) 9 days, 13 hours Robert McClenon (t) 9 days, 12 hours Humongous125 (t) 9 days, 12 hours
The Chosun Ilbo New Res Iudicata (t) 2 days, 21 hours None n/a Res Iudicata (t) 2 days, 21 hours
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark New Elizium23 (t) 1 days, Robert McClenon (t) 12 hours Robert McClenon (t) 12 hours

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Current disputes

1987 Icelandic parliamentary election

Symbol wait old.png – New discussion.
Filed by Humongous125 on 17:06, 4 April 2020 (UTC).

Have you discussed this on a talk page?

Yes, I have discussed this issue on a talk page already.

Location of dispute

Users involved

Dispute overview

I am updating the results table for the Icelandic elections to include the following:

  • Images of the seats
  • Links to other previous/subsequent elections where there is no infobox for easy navigation by readers (the navigation bar at the bottom of the page doesn’t appear on mobiles so navigation can be difficult and infoboxes are not always appropriate for small articles).
  • Retained (or added where none existed before) a column of the leaders and a column to show the percentage changes of the results compared to the last election.

User:Number 57 removed the last two points from the tables I edited (they were previously templates). The issue was discussed extensively between us on my talk page.

The user agreed the percentage change column could be added as it can be useful info. He did not want the leader column added. I tried to concede that if the leaders were mentioned elsewhere in the article, the column could be excluded from the table.

However there was no resolution so I ended the discussion there and referred it to the WikiProject Iceland talk page, where another user agreed with my proposed format of table for all Icelandic elections.

The issue was also referred to the WikiProject Election and Referendums talk page where a user thought the leaders column was sometimes useful and another thought it shouldn’t be an issue unless the leaders column in the 2019 UK election results table was also removed.

I therefore proceeded to modify the remaining election pages however the user is reverting both the leaders & percentage change column and the links to other election pages.

I think the user is abusing wiki’s BRD and is not referring to the discussions in the other talk pages.

Please advise on how to proceed.

How have you tried to resolve this dispute before coming here?

[1] [2] [3]

How do you think we can help resolve the dispute?

I am looking on how to proceed with these sort of issues?

If a proposed edit has got agreement from other users, please clarify how users should respond to that, so edit wars etc can be avoided and any proposed changes implemented?

Please advise how this issue can be resolved so I can improve Icelandic Election pages without edits being reverted.

Summary of dispute by Number 57

I doubt this is DRN-worthy, but FWIW this is effectively a dispute over whether results tables should look like this (which is probably the most common format over Wikipedia) or this (a style just created by Humungous).

I've repeatedly offered a compromise position where the colours, diagram and seat swing are included but the leader column is not.[4][5][6] I've also tried pointing out that a leaders column is not standard practice for results tables and is used only in a tiny minority of cases.

If the compromise was accepted, we'd end with something like this. However, Humongous125 insists on getting every column they want included in the table. As someone who has several thousand election articles on their watchlist and is attempting to maintain some basic form of consistency between most of them, this sort of thing doesn't really help.

Given the lack of responses so far at WT:E&R, I don't think there is yet any conclusive outcome (and the single response at WT:ICELAND isn't really relevant as the columns issue was not being discussed there). Cheers, Number 57 17:26, 4 April 2020 (UTC)

Response by Humongous

This will be my last response before a volunteer opens this thread. Firstly, the table contains the same information, including leaders column, that the previous templates have contained for the past 8 years. Template:Icelandic parliamentary election, 2003. I am not making up a new format it is similar to other election pages, [7] [8] [9].

My proposed format in WT:ICELAND is relevent as it does mention the leaders column within my explanation of the table. Humongous125 (talk) 18:11, 4 April 2020 (UTC)

1987 Icelandic parliamentary election discussion

Please keep discussion to a minimum before being opened by a volunteer. Continue on article talk page if necessary.
  • Volunteer Note - There has not been any discussion on the article talk page, at Talk:1987 Icelandic parliamentary election. The discussion prior to filing here was via edit summaries, which are not talk pages, and on WikiProject talk pages. While WikiProjects are a useful way to draw attention to discussion on article talk pages, they supplement article talk page rather than replacing them. I am not closing this discussion at this time, since the editors are here and are being civil, but I would strongly suggest that they go to the article talk page and discuss before coming back here. Robert McClenon (talk) 18:13, 4 April 2020 (UTC)
    • Happy to take it the article talk page. I will also invite a few editors who are regular results table makers to get wider input as it is likely that few editors watch the page and will notice a discussion starting. Cheers, Number 57 18:19, 4 April 2020 (UTC)
      • The discussions took place in this link [10], User talk:Humongous. I appreciate that its not an article talk page and will discuss further there in the next few hours to try and find a resolution. Humongous125 (talk) 18:35, 4 April 2020 (UTC)

The Chosun Ilbo

Symbol wait old.png – New discussion.
Filed by Res Iudicata on 09:41, 11 April 2020 (UTC).

Have you discussed this on a talk page?

Yes, I have discussed this issue on a talk page already.

Location of dispute

Users involved

Dispute overview

There is a dispute over political inclinations of major media companies and a political party of South Korea. To be more specific, the articles being disputed are The Chosun Ilbo, The Hankyoreh and United Future Party. The dispute is mainly on The Chosun Ilbo and The Hankyoreh. The contending editor, Jeff6045 keeps reverting the Chosun Ilbo article to a version where it is described as an ultraconservative and a far-right newspaper. I have changed the political inclination of the Chosun Ilbo as a conservative and a right-wing newspaper, based on peer-reviewed journal articles that deal with the political inclination of the Chosun Ilbo as their main subject. I have done the same for the Hankyoreh, changing its political inclination of center-left to left-wing, as it is described in the peer-reviewed journal articles. Jeff6045 claims that my edits are unconstructive and is original research.[11][12][13] I took this to the WP:OR noticeboard, but it is yet to have any input from other editors.[14] And in the talk page of Chosun Ilbo, he has expressed explicit intent not to engage in discussion[15] until his buddies[16] arrive. Any neutral and uninvolved editors willing to help resolve this dispute will be much appreciated. Res Iudicata (talk) 09:41, 11 April 2020 (UTC)

How have you tried to resolve this dispute before coming here?

How do you think we can help resolve the dispute?

Evaluation of reliable sources cited for the different definitions of the Chosun Ilbo, the Hankyoreh and the United Future Party. I consider that the problem is most significant on the subject of Chosun Ilbo, so this subject should be given priority in my opinion.

Definition of political inclinations of the Chosun Ilbo, the Hankyoreh and the United Future Party.

Evaluation of whether policies such as WP:OR, WP:BLUE, WP:DR, are being violated by my edits, as claimed by Jeff6045.

Summary of dispute by Jeff6045

Please keep it brief - less than 2000 characters if possible, it helps us help you quicker.

The Chosun Ilbo discussion

Please keep discussion to a minimum before being opened by a volunteer. Continue on article talk page if necessary.

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark

Symbol comment vote.svg – General close. See comments for reasoning.
Filed by Elizium23 on 06:43, 13 April 2020 (UTC).
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