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This backlog page lists tasks that should be done to improve Wikipedia (assuming the cleanup templates were placed correctly). Helping reduce backlogs is an important issue, so please feel free to help out and/or develop this page (or ways to quantify these things) further. Wikipedia talk:Backlog is the discussion page for this page, and the technical Village Pump page is where technical issues are discussed.


See Category:Wikipedia backlog for more categories, and Wikipedia:Task Center for brief guides.

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Oldest backlogs by issue

  1. Category:Accuracy disputes (March 2008—37)
  2. Category:Article sections to be split (August 2018—1)
  3. Category:Articles containing potentially dated statements (January 2006—11)
  4. Category:Articles lacking in-text citations (December 2006—5)
  5. Category:Articles lacking page references (July 2008—1)
  6. Category:Articles lacking reliable references (July 2006—2)
  7. Category:Articles lacking sources (November 2006—222)
  8. Category:Articles needing additional references (June 2006—52)
  9. Category:Articles needing cleanup (February 2009—12)
  10. Category:Articles needing sections (March 2019—6)
  11. Category:Articles slanted towards recent events (March 2009—4)
  12. Category:Articles sourced by IMDb (July 2007—6)
  13. Category:Articles sourced only by IMDb (December 2007—1)
  14. Category:Articles that may be too long (May 2008—2)
  15. Category:Articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction (October 2007—1)
  16. Category:Articles to be expanded (January 2007—26)
  17. Category:Articles to be merged (November 2018—2)
  18. Category:Articles to be split (July 2014—3)
  19. Category:Articles with a promotional tone (August 2008—1)
  20. Category:Articles with bare URLs for citations (April 2020—2)
  21. Category:Articles with broken or outdated citations (November 2011—5)
  22. Category:Articles with dead external links (November 2008—7)
  23. Category:Articles with disputed statements (March 2008—11)
  24. Category:Articles with minor POV problems (February 2010—2)
  25. Category:Articles with peacock terms (October 2009—26)
  26. Category:Articles with sections that need to be turned into prose (February 2009—2)
  27. Category:Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases (August 2009—37)
  28. Category:Articles with too few wikilinks (November 2012—78)
  29. Category:Articles with topics of unclear notability (November 2008—16)
  30. Category:Articles with trivia sections (September 2016—2)
  31. Category:Articles with unsourced statements (February 2007—2,651)
  32. Category:Articles with weasel words (October 2007—1)
  33. Category:BLP articles lacking sources (December 2006—12)
  34. Category:Dead-end pages (April 2020—2)
  35. Category:NPOV disputes (January 2012—2)
  36. Category:Orphaned articles (February 2009—590)
  37. Category:Recently revised (April 2020—0)
  38. Category:Self-contradictory articles (January 2014—2)
  39. Category:Unreferenced BLPs (April 2016—30)
  40. Category:User-created public domain files (December 2005—70)
  41. Category:Userspace drafts (April 2020—0)
  42. Category:Wikipedia articles in need of updating (January 2008—3)
  43. Category:Wikipedia articles needing clarification (January 2007—1)
  44. Category:Wikipedia articles needing context (January 2009—1)
  45. Category:Wikipedia articles needing copy edit (January 2020—16)
  46. Category:Wikipedia articles needing factual verification (July 2007—38)
  47. Category:Wikipedia articles needing page number citations (March 2008—3)
  48. Category:Wikipedia articles needing rewrite (January 2008—3)
  49. Category:Wikipedia articles that are too technical (August 2008—2)
  50. Category:Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention (April 2008—6)
  51. Category:Wikipedia articles with possible conflicts of interest (July 2008—2)
  52. Category:Wikipedia articles with style issues (October 2007—6)
  53. Category:Wikipedia external links cleanup (February 2012—6)
  54. Category:Wikipedia introduction cleanup (January 2009—2)
  55. Category:Wikipedia spam cleanup (August 2010—11)
See also
  1. Wikipedia:Articles requested for more than a year


For statistics on how a specific category's size has changed over time, use toollabs:apersonbot/cat-track. Not all categories are available; a category is only tracked if its page transcludes the {{CatTrack}} template. Otherwise, at present there does not appear to be any other project-wide collation of backlog statistics. A discussion may be required to determine if one is wanted or needed.


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