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Wikimedian of the Year
Jimmy Wales during his keynote speech at Wikimania 2013.jpg
Jimmy Wales speaking at the Wikimania 2013 keynote conference
DateAugust 2011; 8 years ago (2011-08)
LocationTraditionally presented at Wikimania
Presented byJimmy Wales
Act(s)"[M]ajor achievements for Wikipedia"
First awarded2011
Last awarded2019

Wikimedian of the Year is an annual award established in 2011 by Wikipedia's co-founder Jimmy Wales,[1] traditionally presented at Wikimania to highlight major achievements within the Wikimedia movement. Before 2017 the award was named Wikipedian of the Year.

Recipients have included Rauan Kenzhekhanuly, "Demmy", Rémi Mathis, Ihor Kostenko, Emily Temple-Wood, Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight, Felix Nartey, Farhad Fatkullin, and Émna Mizouni, as well as an anonymous editor in pectore.

In addition to the main award, seven "Honorable mentions" have been conferred.


Year Recipient Principal project Notes
2011 Rauan Kenzhekhanuly-1.jpg Rauan Kenzhekhanuly Kazakh Wikipedia Kenzhekhanuly was honored for recruiting a stable community to improve the Kazakh Wikipedia, which in a year increased from 4 to over 200 active editors, and 7,000 to 130,000 articles.[2][1] Wales was criticized by fellow Wikipedians because of Kenzhekhanuly's ties to the government of Kazakhstan.[1][3]
"Demmy" Yoruba Wikipedia Demmy created a bot to translate 15,000 short English articles into Yoruba, a language spoken in Nigeria.[1]
2013 Rémi Mathis - AG WMFR 2012-05-26.jpg Rémi Mathis French Wikipedia Received for his role in the controversy surrounding the French article "Pierre-sur-Haute military radio station"[4]
2014 Ihor Kostenko 1 face.jpg Ihor Kostenko Ukrainian Wikipedia Kostenko, a Euromaidan activist, was an editor on the Ukrainian Wikipedia and actively promoted it on social networking sites. He was killed during a protest on 20 February 2014 and received the award posthumously.[4][5][6][7]
undisclosed Wikimedia Commons Wales named an anonymous editor from Venezuela in pectore who had been exiled for posting photographs of anti-government protests.[8]
2016 Keilana portrait cropped.png Emily Temple-Wood English Wikipedia The first joint recipients for their efforts to combat harassment on Wikipedia and increase its coverage of notable women. Temple-Wood had created nearly 400 articles and improved hundreds more, many of which are about women scientists and LGBT and women's health. Stephenson-Goodknight had improved more than 3,000 articles, co-created a space to welcome new contributors to the site, and co-founded women's outreach projects, including the "WikiWomen's User Group", "WikiProject Women", and the "Women in Red" campaign.[4]
Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight.jpg Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight English Wikipedia
2017 Felix Nartey Wiki Indaba 2017.jpg Felix Nartey English Wikipedia Nartey adds content about his home country, Ghana, and leads several initiatives to promote the importance of editing Wikipedia.[9][10] In his dedication, Wales mentioned that Nartey played a leading role in the organisation of the 2nd Wiki Indaba conference 2017 in Accra, Ghana, and has been critical in building up the local communities in Africa.[11]
2018 Farkhad Fatkullin.jpg Farhad Fatkullin Tatar Wikipedia Farhad is a community-organizer among Russia's minority languages communities, beyond his native Tatar language. He is also fluent in English, which has helped establish a bridge between those communities and the wider movement after years of isolation.[12][13]
2019 Emna Mizouni-2.jpg Emna Mizouni Arabic Wikipedia Emna joined with several others to found Carthagina, a non-governmental organization, in 2013.[14] She began contributing to Wikimedia projects in 2013 with that year's Wiki Loves Monuments.[14] She has helped to organize several major Wikimedia conferences, including the first-ever WikiArabia conference, and co-chairing Wikimania 2018's program committee.[14] She also joined the Affiliations Committee in 2016 and became its vice-chair in 2018.[14]

Honorable mentions

Year Recipient Principal project Notes
2015 Susanna at Google Opening Reception.jpg Susanna Mkrtchyan Armenian Wikipedia For off-wiki activities including an editing campaign and youth camp.[8]
Satdeep Gill at Wikimania 2016.jpg Satdeep Gill Punjabi Wikipedia Gill's efforts to encourage people at his university to edit the Punjabi Wikipedia made it the fastest-growing Indic-language Wikipedia that year.[8]
2016 Ahvaz edit-a-thon by Mardetanha (380).JPG Mardetanha Persian Wikipedia Created the Persian-language arm of the "Wikipedia Library".[4]
Open Galm 2013 Sesja III Vassia 2.jpg Vassia Atanassova Bulgarian Wikipedia Established the "#100wikidays" contest, which challenges editors to create one Wikipedia article per day for one hundred days.[4]
Diego Gómez
Colombian student who has been prosecuted for copyright violation after having shared an academic paper online. He was later acquitted.[11]
2018 Nahid Sultan at Wikimania 2018 (05).jpg Nahid Sultan Bangla Wikipedia Nahid is instrumental in the success of Wikimedia Bangladesh, a chapter that thrives under difficult circumstances, like legislation that makes it almost impossible to get funding. He also serves the global community as a steward and OTRS member and co-managed several social media accounts for the Wikimedia movement (e.g. FB Wikimedia Commons).[12]
Jess Wade - 2017 (cropped).jpg Jess Wade English Wikipedia Started a year-long effort to put underrepresented scientists and engineers on Wikipedia.[15][16]

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