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A web film is a film made with the medium of the Internet and its distribution constraints in mind.[1] This term aims to differentiate content made for the Internet from content made for other media, such as cinema or television, that has been converted into a World Wide Web-compatible format. Web films are a form of new media.


There are broadly three forms of films that can be encountered on the Internet:

Form Description Defining Features Example
Traditional promotion A digitised version of films shot with the same production methods and technology used for TV/Cinema. Often 35mm or high definition digital footage. (Usually highly compressed when on web.) Cinema trailers online, for example the trailer for Lord of the Rings.[2]
Films not made for, but distributed via the Internet A film taking advantage of the Internet for distribution. Often large files and/or designed to be downloaded not streamed. The short film 405 The Movie or releases in file sharing communities.[3]
Web films Films made with the medium of the Internet and its constraints in mind. Made in harmony with Internet & computer technologies such as streaming or Flash or After Effects. The short film Distance Over Time.[4]

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