Victoria Memorial (Montreal)

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Monument to Queen Victoria
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CoordinatesCoordinates: 45°30′04″N 73°33′43″W / 45.5011°N 73.5619°W / 45.5011; -73.5619
LocationVictoria Square,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
DesignerMarshall Wood (sculptor)
MaterialBronze and granite
Beginning date1869
Opening dateNovember 21, 1872
Dedicated toVictoria of the United Kingdom

The Victoria Memorial is a sculpture placed at the centre of Victoria Square in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


The statue of Queen Victoria in the centre of Victoria Square is the work of sculptor Marshall Wood, and was unveiled in 1872 by Lord Dufferin, the Governor General of Canada. At the time, the area surrounding Victoria Square was a prestigious neighbourhood.

It was funded by donations from a citizens' committee, by public subscription, on the occasion of Prince Arthur’s visit to Montreal. The bronze was cast by Holbrook & Company, Chelsea, England in 1869.


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