The Young Victoria (1963 film)

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The Young Victoria
Directed byAlan Burke
Based onthe play Victoria Regina by Laurence Housman
Distributed byABC
Release date
21 March 1963 (Melbourne)
27 March 1963 (Sydney)
Running time
60 mins

The Young Victoria is an Australian television film of 1963 which aired on ABC on 27 March 1963. Based on the play Victoria Regina, it is a 60-minute drama about the courtship and marriage of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert. It stars Lola Brooks as Victoria and Ric Hutton as Albert.[1]

Australian TV drama was relatively rare at the time.[2]

The production was reduced to four vignettes. It was sponsored by the International ' Theatre Institute, the drama-wing of-UNESCO, to celebrate World Theatre day.[3][4]


  • Anne Beecher
  • Lola Brooks as Victoria
  • Jasmine Greenfield
  • Benita Harvey
  • Ric Hutton as Albert
  • Jessica Noad
  • Alastair Roberts
  • Frank Taylor
  • Judith Thompson
  • Vaughan Tracey
  • Rhod Walker


The Sydney Morning Herald gave the film a mixed review, calling it "mildly entertaining and agreeably presented" but also "these excerpts did not succeed in amounting to a play... it was all rather like a musical comedy without the music".[5]

The Bulletin gave the production "three cheers".[6]

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