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The Numismatist  
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Edited byBarbara J. Gregory
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The Numismatist (formerly Numismatist) is the monthly publication of the American Numismatic Association. Its current editor-in-chief is Barbara Gregory, who has served in this role since October 1988. The Numismatist contains articles written on such topics as coins, tokens, medals, paper money, and stock certificates. All members of the American Numismatic Association receive the publication as part of their membership benefits.


The inaugural issue was a four-page leaflet originally published in 1888 by collector Dr. George F. Heath in Monroe, Michigan, as The American Numismatist. The name was changed to The Numismatist soon after. The name was purchased by the American Numismatic Association many years later when the organization began to print a monthly publication for the benefit of its members.[1]

In December 2015, the ANA announced it had digitized every issue of the magazine.[2]


All members of the Association receive the magazine as part of their membership benefits: gold members receive a digital subscription while platinum members receive a print subscription.

In October 2019, Barnes & Noble announced that The Numismatist would be sold at over 600 stores nation-wide to increase circulation.[3]


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