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Catholic Historical Review  
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The Catholic Historical Review is the official organ of the American Catholic Historical Association. It was established at The Catholic University of America in 1915 by Thomas Joseph Shahan and Peter Guilday and is published quarterly by The Catholic University of America Press. The first issue contained a foreword by Cardinal James Gibbons who wrote of the journal that "I bespeak for it a generous welcome by the thoughtful men and women of the country, and bestow my blessing on the unselfish, zealous labors of the devoted Faculty of the Catholic University."[1] Shahan was editor (1915-29) followed by Guilday (1929-41), John Tracy Ellis 1941-63), Robert Trisco (1963-2005), and most recently Nelson Minnich.

With an international readership and a global array of contributors, the journal publishes significant, original, and preferably archival-based articles in English on topics related to the history of various lived Catholic experiences and their intersections with cultures and other religious traditions over the centuries and throughout the world. In addition, CHR publishes reviews (single, fora, essays, and articles) written by experts of important books in the field, lists relevant articles that appear in other journals, and includes the section “Notes and Comments” containing news about the Association and other items of interest to readers. Any scholar may submit a manuscript, which is subjected to a rigorous double-blind evaluation. In addition to being available in print form, The Catholic Historical Review is also available electronically through Project MUSE.

Editors of the Catholic Historical Review

List of Editors

  • Thomas Shahan, Editor-in-Chief (1915-29)
  • Peter Guilday, Managing Editor (1929-41), Editor-in-Chief (1941-47)
  • Patrick Browne, Managing Editor (1921-29)
  • John Tracy Ellis, Managing Editor (1941-63)
  • Robert Trisco, Managing Editor (1963-2005)
  • Nelson H. Minnich, Editor (2005-)

Reference list

  1. ^ James Gibbons The Catholic Historical Review volume 1, issue 1, page 3, 1915

Further reading

  • The Catholic Historical Review: A Centennial Retrospective, ed. Nelson H. Minnich, Catholic Historical Review, 101, Centennial Issue 2015 No. 2, (2015). Pp. xii, 273.
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