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Stephen Vincent Moore (11 December 1937 – 4 October 2019)[1][2] was an English actor, known for his work on British television since the mid-1970s.


Moore was born in Brixton, London, the son of Mary Elisabeth (née Bruce-Anderson) and solicitor Stanley Moore.[3] He attended the Archbishop Tenison's grammar school in Kennington.[1]

He was married four times. His half-brother Mark Moore performs with S'Express and his brother-in-law was the actor James Hazeldine.

Acting career

Moore was known for his appearances in Rock Follies and other TV series such as The Last Place on Earth, the children's series The Queen's Nose and the drama Mersey Beat and the British TV comedy series Solo, as well as numerous appearances on stage at the Royal National Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Company and London's West End.[4][1] He was known for his distinctive speaking voice in a wide range of roles, notably Marvin the Paranoid Android in radio and television adaptations of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.[5]

In 2010, he appeared as the Silurian Eldane in the Series 5 Doctor Who episode "Cold Blood".[6][1]


Stephen Moore died on 4 October 2019.[1]

Notable roles


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