Sixty Years a Queen

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Sixty Years a Queen
Sixty Years a Queen 1913.jpg
Sixty Years a Queen
Directed byBert Haldane
Produced byG.B. Samuelson
Will Barker
Written byHerbert Maxwell
Harry Engholm
Arthur Shirley
G.B. Samuelson
StarringBlanche Forsythe
Louie Henri
Fred Paul
Barker Films
Distributed byRoyal Film Distributors
Release date
November 1913
CountryUnited Kingdom
English intertitles

Sixty Years a Queen is a 1913 British silent historical film directed by Bert Haldane and starring Blanche Forsythe, Louie Henri and Fred Paul. The film portrays the six decade-long reign of Queen Victoria, serving as a wider depiction of the Victorian era and its leading British figures. It was based on the 1897 non-fiction work of the same title by Sir Herbert Maxwell, 7th Baronet which had been written to celebrate Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.

The film was overseen by producer Will Barker at his newly built Ealing Studios. Barker gained a reputation for extravagant productions, which were often historical. The film was enormously successful, reportedly generating profits of £35,000.[1] More than twenty years later Herbert Wilcox made a similar film, Sixty Glorious Years, which was also very popular.



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