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The Singapore Red Cross (SRC) began on 30 September 1949 as part of the British Red Cross Society. On 6 April 1973, the Singapore Red Cross was officially incorporated by the Parliament of Singapore. It was appointed as the National Blood Donor Recruiter by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) in 2001.

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The SRC is governed by a 19-member Council headed by a Chairman who is appointed by the President of the Republic of Singapore, the Patron of the SRC. The Council is responsible for pursuing the objective of the SRC as laid down by the Act of Parliament and its Constitution. The Council has four oversight committees providing the relevant advice and expertise; namely the Finance and Investment, Audit, Corporate Governance and Nomination and Human Resource and Compensation Committees.

The general management of the SRC is overseen by the Management Committee, headed by the Secretary General / Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the SRC. Implementation of the policies and directives laid down by the Council is done by the Secretariat which is headed by the Secretary General / CEO.

The Secretariat is organised into three divisions; Operations, Administration and the Red Cross Youth. The strength and commitment of our volunteer corps is critical for the realisation of our vision and to carry out our vision. Volunteers and staff work closely together in planning, organising and implementing the activities and programmes of the SRC.

In 2013, SRC was awarded the Charity Governance Award which honours charities that have adopted the highest standards of governance and implemented the best practices to ensure sustained effectiveness. Consecutively in 2016 and 2017, SRC received the Charity Transparency Award for being one of the nation's best governed charities. This attests to SRC's commitment in upholding the highest standards in transparency - a key pillar in governance.

Throughout the Singapore Red Cross — whether it's providing relief to survivors of disaster, blood to hospital patients, first aid training to the public, or emergency social services to citizens — we live up to our reputation as Singapore's most trusted charity. And it is the support of compassionate people like you which enables us to succeed. Find out how the Singapore Red Cross is doing by reading about our fiscal responsibility in our annual reports.


The following are the incumbent appointment holders of the Singapore Red Cross:

Appointment Incumbent
Patron President of the Republic of Singapore
Chairman Mr. Tee Tua Ba


An ambulance of the Singapore Red Cross


The Singapore Red Cross was involved in the relief effort of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami that occurred on December 26, 2004.[1]

On 8 May 2005, Singapore Red Cross celebrated the 142nd anniversary of the Red Cross movement with the launch of events spanning two months, starting with a blood donation drive at Red Cross House.[citation needed]

On 26 July 2018, SRC announced S$50,000 in humanitarian aid for victims of the Attapeu dam collapse.[2]

The Singapore Red Cross celebrated 70 years of the Red Cross Movement in Singapore on 30 September 2019.


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