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Assembly at Nan Hua High School, Singapore
School assembly in Pakistan

A school assembly is a gathering of all or part of a school for any variety of purposes, such as special programs or communicating information on a daily or weekly basis.[1] In some schools, students gather to perform a common song or prayer, and to receive common announcements. A routine attendance check may also be done in such gatherings. At larger schools, these morning rituals may be substituted by smaller classroom assemblies and announcements broadcast over a public address system. Periodic school assemblies are also a forum for special presenters of educational, health, or safety materials, or for school plays, talent shows, etc.


The act of morning assembly is not very new in gurukula. All the students were used to gather, meditate and discuss the daily routine in those assemblies. An act of collective gathering and worship is decided to make a part of the assembly in England and it became a legal requirement in schools after it.[2]


A usual school assembly may include prayer, news headline discussions from students, student talk and other important discussions.



Due to the number of students in a typical Chinese school, assemblies are normally held outdoors. It is common for the head of the school to address the entire student body for nearly an hour at the beginning of a school week or month.


Assemblies are usually held outdoors for 20 minutes at least everyday. The teachers and students recite a common prayer. Special announcements are made and students present thought of the day, quiz, attendance is marked. Sometimes students present some skit and other cultural programmes.

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