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Coordinates: 33°15′2″N 44°16′8″E / 33.25056°N 44.26889°E / 33.25056; 44.26889 Radwaniyah Palace (also known as Al Radwaniyah Presidential Complex) is a palace in Baghdad, Iraq, which functioned as a presidential resort for the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein until it was taken over by coalition forces during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Inside it was decorated with marble, luxury furniture and monuments dedicated to Saddam. Located in western Baghdad, Radwaniyah Palace was the main presidential site for Saddam and was a typical Presidential site. It is bordered on the north by Qasr Tall Mihl and Al Urdun (Jordan) Street; on the south by sparse, outlying neighborhoods; on the east by suburbs Al 'Amiriyah and Hayy al-Furat; and on the west by Baghdad International Airport. High walls surround the former resort; watchtowers contribute to more readily maintaining surveillance and security for the site.

In addition to having two man-made hills and several man-made lakes, it houses two presidential palaces. The northern one usually goes by the more familiar name, Al Faw Palace. The southern one is known as the Victory Over Iran Palace.

Coalition installations Camp Liberty, Camp Victory and Camp Slayer used to occupy Al Radwaniyah's grounds.[citation needed]


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