Queen Victoria Police Jubilee Medal

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Queen Victoria Police Jubilee Medal
Police Jubilee Medal 1887 (Obverse).jpgPolice Jubilee Medal 1887 (Reverse).jpg
Obverse and reverse: Metropolitan Police version for 1887, with 1897 clasp.
Awarded by United Kingdom
Awarded forDuty at the Jubilee celebrations in London
Established1887 for Golden Jubilee
1897 for Diamond Jubilee
Total awarded1887: 14,900 medals
1897: 10,086 medals, 9,193 clasps
RelatedVictoria’s Golden Jubilee Medal
Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Medal
Police Jubilee Medal ribbon,.gif
Ribbon: Queen Victoria Police Jubilee Medal

A Police Jubilee Medal was awarded to those on duty at Queen Victoria's Golden and Diamond Jubilee celebrations.[1]


The Police Golden Jubilee Medal was sanctioned by Queen Victoria in 1887 as an award to all members of the Metropolitan and City of London Police on duty in London during the official Golden Jubilee celebrations, including the Jubilee procession on 21 June 1887.[2]

Ten years later, the Police Diamond Jubilee Medal was awarded for duty at the principal Diamond Jubilee events on the same basis as the 1887 medal, eligibility having been widened to include firemen and members of ambulance units.[3] Those in possession of the earlier Golden Jubilee Police Medal who again qualified, received a dated clasp to be fixed to their existing medal.[2]


Below are the number of medals awarded,[3] the wording of the service being that inscribed on the medal:

Service inscribed on medal 1887: medals 1897: medals 1897: clasps
Metropolitan Police 14,000[4] 7,481 8,708
City of London Police 900[4] 535 485
London County Council Metropolitan Fire Brigade[5] 950
St John Ambulance Brigade 910
Police Ambulance 210
Total 14,900 10,086 9,193


The medal and ribbon were identical for the 1887 and 1897 medal, with the exception of the year inscribed on the reverse.[3]
The medal is of bronze, 1.4 inches (36 mm) in diameter and has a plain straight ribbon bar.

  • Obverse: A left-facing bust of the Queen, designed by L. C. Wyon,[2] with the inscription VICTORIA REGINA.
  • Reverse: An oak wreath surmounted by a crown. Within the wreath is the inscription JUBILEE OF HER MAJESTY QUEEN VICTORIA with, outside, the name of the service in which the recipient served and, below, the date of the jubilee – either 1887 or 1897.
  • Clasp: A bronze clasp inscribed 1897, attached to the suspension bar of the 1887 medal.
  • Ribbon: Plain dark blue, 1.25 inches (32 mm) wide.
  • The recipient's rank, name and division were engraved on the edge of the medal.[2]
  • The medal was worn in date order with other Royal commemorative medals. These were worn before campaign medals until November 1918,[6] after which the order of wear was changed, with such medals now worn after campaign medals and before long service awards.[7]


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