Queen Victoria Pavilion

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Queen Victoria Pavilion
Coordinates17°41′44″N 83°17′33″E / 17.695419°N 83.292637°E / 17.695419; 83.292637Coordinates: 17°41′44″N 83°17′33″E / 17.695419°N 83.292637°E / 17.695419; 83.292637
LocationOne Town, Visakhapatnam, India
Opening date4 May 1904; 115 years ago (1904-05-04)
Dedicated toQueen Victoria

Queen Victoria Pavilion is one of the oldest statues in Visakhapatnam. It is located in the One Town area of Visakhapatnam.[1]


In the year 1900, the Zamindar of Share Mohamud Puram and Yambrum Estates Akitam Venkata Jagga Rao visited Britain. For his visit, the British Government presented this bronze statue to the town of Vizagapatam.[2]


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