Qian Liu

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Qian Liu (錢镠)
Taizu of Wuyue (more...)
QIAN Liu (aka TSIEN Liu), King of Wuyue.jpg
King of Wuyue
Reign907[1] – May 6, 932
SuccessorQian Yuanguan, son
BornQian Poliu
March 10, 852[2][3]
Lin'an, Hang Prefecture, Tang
DiedMay 6, 932(932-05-06) (aged 80)[2][4]
WifeLady Wu
  • Lady Chen
  • Lady Hu (胡)
  • Lady Tong (童)
  • Lady Zhang (章)
  • Lady Jin (金)
  • Lady Chen (陳)
  • Lady Zheng (鄭)
  • Qian Yuanji (錢元璣)
  • Qian Chuanying (錢傳瑛)
  • Qian Yuanyi (錢元懿)
  • Qian Yuanliao (錢元璙)
  • Qian Yuanguan
  • Qian Chuanqu (錢傳(王瞿))
  • Qian Yuanqiu (錢元球)
  • Qian Yuanxu (錢元㺷)
  • Qian Yuanxiang (錢元珦)
  • Qian Chuansu (錢傳璛)
  • Qian Chuanjing (錢傳璟)
  • Qian Yuanlin (錢元琳)
  • Qian Yuangui (錢元璝)
  • Qian Yuanbi (錢元弼)
  • Qian Chuansui (錢傳璲)
  • Qian Chuanji (錢傳㻑)
  • Qian Chuanyan (錢傳琰)
  • Qian Chuanzhen (錢傳珎)
  • Qian Yuanyou (錢元祐)
  • Qian Yuanlian (錢元璉)
  • Qian Yuankang (錢元
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