President of the United Nations Economic and Social Council

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President of United Nations Economic and Social Council
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Mona Juul

since 25 July 2019
SeatUnited Nations Headquarters
New York City, United States
AppointerUnited Nations Economic and Social Council
Term lengthOne year
Inaugural holder Arcot Ramasamy Mudaliar

The President of the United Nations Economic and Social Council is the presiding officer of that body.

The position voted for by members of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) on a yearly basis.


The Economic and Social Council elects a new bureau, a president and four vice-presidents, at the first meeting of the new session of the Council, typically in July. These officials are chosen at large from among the representatives of the Council's members for one-year terms. Members of bureau hold office until their successors are elected by the Council at the next session.[1][2]

According to the rules of procedure of the Council, the election of members to the bureau includes special regard for equitable geographic rotation among the United Nations regional groups. For instance, the presidency of the council rotates between the five regions, and along with it the vice-presidencies.[1][2]

In the last election, Inga Rhonda King of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines was chosen as the President of the Council. In addition, Omar Hilale of Morocco, Teodoro L. Locsin of the Philippines, Tore Hattrem of Norway and Valentin Rybakov of Belarus were elected as vice-presidents. [2][3][4]


The role of president of the Council involves opening and closing meetings of the body, presiding over the proceedings of the Council, steering the work of the body, maintaining order and ensuring observance of the rules of procedure at all times, and, if need be, calling emergency sessions of the body.[1] The president also usually speaks to the press on behalf of the Council.

List of presidents

The following is a list of all Presidents of the Economic and Social Council since its inception:[5][6]

Year elected Name of President UN member state Session(s)
1946 Arcot Ramasamy Mudaliar  India First and Second
1946 Andrija Stampar  Yugoslavia Third
1947 Arcot Ramasamy Mudaliar  India Fourth
1947 Jan Papanek  Czechoslovakia Fifth
1948 Charles Habib Malik  Lebanon
1949 James Thorn  New Zealand
1950 - 1951 Hernan Santa Cruz  Chile
1952 Syed Amjad Ali  Pakistan
1953 Raymond Scheyven  Belgium
1954 Juan I. Cooke  Argentina
1956 Douglas Copland  Australia
1956 Hans Engen  Norway
1957 Mohammad Mir Khan  Pakistan
1958 George F. Davidson  Canada
1959 Daniel Cosio-Villegas  Mexico
1960 C. W. A. Schurmann  Netherlands
1961 Foss Shanahan  New Zealand
1962 Jerzy Michalowski  Poland
1963 Alfonso Patino  Colombia
1964 Ronald Walker  Australia
1965 Akira Matsui  Japan
1966 Tewfik Bouattoura  Algeria
1967 Milan Klusak  Czechoslovakia
1968 Manuel Perez Guerrero  Venezuela
1969 Raymond Scheyven  Belgium
1970 J. B. P. Maramis  Indonesia
1971 Rachid Driss  Tunisia
1972 Karoly Szarka  Hungary
1973 Sergio Armando Frazao  Brazil
1974 Aarno Karhilo  Finland
1975 Iqbal A. Akhund  Pakistan
1976 Simeon Aké  Ivory Coast
1977 Ladislav Smid  Czechoslovakia
1978 Donald O. Mills  Jamaica
1979 Hugo Scheltema  Netherlands
1980 Andreas V. Mavrommatis  Cyprus
1981 Paul John Firmino Lusaka  Zambia
1982 Miljan Komatina  Yugoslavia
1983 Sergio Correa da Costa  Brazil
1984 Karl Fischer  Austria
1985 Tomohiko Kabayashi  Japan
1986 Manuel dos Santos  Mozambique
1987 Eugeniusz Noworyta  Poland
1988 Andres Aguilar  Venezuela
1989 Kjeld Vilhelm Mortensen  Denmark
1990 Chinmaya Rajaninath Gharekhan  India
1992[a] Darko Silovic  Yugoslavia
1992[b] Robert Mroziewicz  Poland
1993 Juan Somavia  Chile
1994 Richard William Butler  Australia
1995 Ahmad Kamal  Pakistan
1996 Jean-Marie Kacou Gervais Côte d'Ivoire
1997 Karel Kovanda  Czech Republic
1998 Juan Somavia  Chile
1999 Paulo Fulci  Italy
2000 Makarim Wibisono  Indonesia
2001 Martin Belinga-Eboutou  Cameroon
2002 Ivan Šimonović  Croatia
2003 Gert Rosenthal  Guatemala
2004 Marjatta Rasi  Finland
2005 Munir Akram  Pakistan
2006 Ali Hachani  Tunisia
2007 Dalius Čekuolis  Lithuania
2008 Léo Mérorès  Haiti
2009 Sylvie Lucas  Luxembourg
2010 Hamidon Ali  Malaysia
2011 Lazarous Kapambwe  Zambia
2012 Miloš Koterec  Slovakia
2013 Néstor Osorio Londoño  Colombia
2014 Martin Sajdik  Austria
2015 Oh Joon Republic of Korea
2016 Frederick Musiiwa Makamure Shava  Zimbabwe
2017 Marie Chatardová  Czech Republic
2018 Inga Rhonda King  Saint Vincent
2019 Mona Juul  Norway
  1. ^ Elected in January
  2. ^ Elected in June


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