Panhellenic Liberation Movement

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Panhellenic Liberation Movement

Πανελλήνιο Aπελευθερωτικό Κίνημα
LeaderAndreas Papandreou
Founded28 February 1968
Dissolved3 September 1974
Succeeded byPanhellenic Socialist Movement
IdeologyDemocracy activism
Democratic socialism
Left-wing nationalism
Revolutionary socialism
Political positionLeft-wing
International affiliationSocialist International
Slogan"National Independence, Popular Sovereignty, Social Liberation, Democratic Process."

The Panhellenic Liberation Movement (Greek: Πανελλήνιο Απελευθερωτικό Κίνημα), also known by its acronym PAK (ΠΑΚ), was one of the many anti-dictatorial movement organisations that campaigned against the 1967–1974 military regime of Greece. It was established in 1968 in Sweden by the exiled Andreas Papandreou.


PAK toured the world rallying opposition to the military regime and aiming to create awareness about the political situation in Greece. Its campaign in Sweden was particularly successful. On February 28, 1968, Papandreou gave a famous speech at the Club of Greek Immigrants (Σύλλογος Ελλήνων Μεταναστών). Later on, a manifesto was published, entitled “A text-book and the Internal Political Net.” The leader of the PAK in Greece was Giannis Alevras.

Its campaign in Sweden was particularly successful. PAK was also highly critical of the alleged dependence of Greece on foreign powers, namely the USA. Its stated aim was the realization of “radical changes” with the aim of the “socialist transformation of Greece”.

Furthermore, PAK’ s stated aim was to become the centre of democratic resistance in Greece. It not only wished for the withdrawal of the Colonel dictatorship, but it also supported a “free, progressive and nationally free” Greece. It claimed that “it would not accept any compromise in any phase of its struggle and that it would fight for a total democratic victory.”

After the fall of the junta, many PAK members became prominent members in Papandreou's Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) party.


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