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Pan African Film Festival (PAFF) is a non-profit corporation in Los Angeles, California, that states its goal to promote "cultural understanding among peoples of African descent" through exhibiting art and film. It hosts a film festival and an arts festival in Los Angeles in February of each year.[1] The Los Angeles Times in 2013 called the film festival "the largest black film festival" in the United States.[2]


In its early years, it was held in West Africa, specifically in Burkina Faso (in February 1985, it was held in Ouagadougou and hosted by Thomas Sankara[3]).

The first official festival was organized in 1992 by actors Danny Glover and Ja'net Dubois and executive director Ayuko Babu.[4] Glover and actress Whoopi Goldberg co-hosted the festival.[5] It featured over 40 films by black directors from four continents. The Los Angeles Times said the films had universal themes as well as African themes: "the overthrow of colonial governments, the clash between modern values and traditional values, and tales of gifted artists". Films at the first festival included Sarraounia, Heritage Africa, and Lord of the Street.[6] In 2013, the film festival attracted approximately 30,000 patrons, and the arts festival attracted around 75,000.[2] In 2014, the film festival featured 179 films from 46 countries. The films included feature-length documentaries, short documentaries, narrative feature films, narrative short films, and webseries.[7]

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