Order of battle during the Iran–Iraq War

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These are the orders of battle of the Iraqi and Iranian armies for the start of the Iran–Iraq War in 1980. The data is drawn from the Air Combat Information Group's Arabian Peninsula and Persian Gulf Database.


Iraqi Army

1st Corps (Iraq), sector between Rawanduz and Marivan:

Malovany (map p112) shows the 11th Infantry Division with elements north of the Rawanduz - Rayat road; the 7th Infantry Division advancing from its bases at Sulaimaniyah towards the border between Penjwin and Sayid Sadiq; and corps headquarters at Kirkuk.

2nd Army Corps (sector between Qasre-e-Shirin, Ilam, and Mehran, armor deployed between Mehran and Dezful)

  • 6th Armored Division (HQ Baqubah, Iraq) 300 (T-62) (BMP-1)
  • 9th Armored Division (HQ Samavah, Iraq) 300 (T-62 and BMP-1)
  • ?10th Armored Division (HQ Baghdad, Iraq) 300 (T-62) (BMP-1); Malovany shows the division between Baqubah and Tursaq, but notes it was moving to North Khuzestan.
  • 2nd Infantry Division (HQ Kirkuk, Iraq)(Malovany map p112 shows the division deployed west of Badra, far to the south of Kirkuk.
  • 4th Infantry Division (HQ Mosul, Iraq)(Malovany map p112 shows the division about half way between Baqubah and Mandali, south of the road between the two towns.)
  • 6th Infantry Division (HQ Baqubah, Iraq)
  • 8th Infantry Division (HQ Arbil, Iraq)

3rd Army Corps (HQ al-Qurnah, Iraq) (Sector between Dezful and Abadan)

  • 3rd Armored Division (HQ Tikrit, Iraq) 300 (T-62) (BMP-1)(Malovany: east of Basra)
  • ?10th Armored Division (HQ Baghdad, Iraq) 300 (T-62) (BMP-1)
  • 12th Armored Division (HQ Dohuk, Iraq) (Held in Reserve) 300 (T-62) (BMP-1)
  • 1st Mechanized Division (HQ Divaniyah, Iraq) 200 (T-55) (Czech OT-64 APC/BTR-50 APC)
  • 5th Mechanized Division (HQ Basrah, Iraq) 200 (T-55) (Czech OT-64 APC/BTR-50 APC)(Malovany: east of Basra)
  • 31st Independent Special Forces Brigade (-) (2 battalions) (one was attached to 5th MD, another to 3rd AD),
  • 33rd Independent Special Forces Brigade
  • 10th Independent Armored Brigade (T-72) (BMP-1)
  • 12th Independent Armored Brigade (T-62) (BMP-1)
  • 113th Infantry Brigade (Detachments) (From 11th Infantry Division)


Iranian Armed Forces

Iranian Army

Units Garrisoned along the Iraqi Border

Iranian Navy

Revolutionary Guards (Pasdaran)

Ground Forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps



Further reading

  • Pesach Malovany, "Wars of Modern Babylon", University Press of Kentucky, June 2017, ISBN 0813169437 / ISBN 978-0813169439.
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