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Naft Shahr (Kurdish:نفت شاه, Persian: نفت شهر‎; also known as Naft Shah, Naft Shāh, Naft-e Shah, Naft-e Shāh, Naft-i-Shah, Naft-ī-Shah) is a district of Qasr-e Shirin County, in Kermanshah Province of Iran. It is a sub district of Sumar District. It is known for its oilfields. English explorers found oil in Naft Shahr for the first time in 1931. According to Mehr news agency, Naft Shahr which is the only active oilfield in Kermanshah Province has an estimated oil reserves of 692 million barrels.

Oil Field

Naft shahr oil field is located 72 km south of Qasr-e Shirin and 230 km south west of Kermanshah. This field is a common field between Iran and Iraq and provides a portion of Kermanshah's refinery feed . This unit lacks safety equipment and measuring systems.

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Coordinates: 33°59′19″N 45°30′07″E / 33.98861°N 45.50194°E / 33.98861; 45.50194

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