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Catholic service in Austrian military hospital during World War I.

A military hospital is a hospital that is owned and operated by the armed forces. They are often reserved for the use of military personnel and their dependents, but in some countries are made available to civilians as well. They may or may not be located on a military base; many are not.

In the United Kingdom and Germany, British military hospitals have been closed; military personnel are usually treated in a special wing of a designated civilian hospital, in the UK, these are referred to as a Ministry of Defence Hospital Unit. Service personnel injured in combat operations are normally treated at the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine.


Former British military hospitals (BMH) include:

West Germany

United Kingdom

Furthermore, during the two world wars several civilian hospitals and county mental asylums were commandeered (or part-commandeered) to serve as military hospitals, as were a number of large houses and other buildings.[6]




Hong Kong

Others - Asia




Command Hospitals only treats military and civilians are not entertained. They are located in 7 cities.

Africa-Middle East


Pictures of Israeli military hospital in 1948.

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