Michel Particelli d'Emery

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Michel Particelli d'Émery
Michel Particelli d'Émery.jpg
Michel Particelli d'Émery by Balthasar Moncornet
Born6 June 1596
Died25 May 1650(1650-05-25) (aged 54)
OccupationContrôleur général des finances

Michel Particelli d'Émery, (6 June 1596 in Lyon – 25 May 1650 in Paris), was the son of a banker in Lyon, France, originally from an Italian family of Lucca, Italy, who was the counsellor of Cardinal-Duc de Richelieu. A portrait of him was taken by Théophile-Abraham Hamel and was changed by Théophile-Abraham Hamel in order to give a face to Samuel de Champlain.

Champlain's new face

According to Archive's Canada site, Michel Particelli d'Émery's face was used to represent Champlain for more than a century, and is still used by many historians to represent Champlain. This portrait of Champlain is a fake, based on a portrait of Michel Particelli d’Émery engraved by Balthazar Moncornet in 1654. This portrait has been perceived so often as Champlain's true image that it seems impossible to set the record straight."[1]


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