Michel-Étienne Turgot

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Michel-Etienne Turgo, by Van Loo, 1739.
The Paris Foreign Missions Society in the 1739 "Plan Turgot".

Michel-Étienne Turgot (/tʊərˈɡ/; French: [tyʁgo]; 9 June 1690, Paris – 1 February 1751, Paris) was prévôt des marchands de Paris ("Master of the merchants of Paris", i.e. Mayor of Paris)[1] from 1729 to 1740. His name is associated with one of the most famous maps of Paris, the "Plan de Turgot" ("Turgot Map"),[2][3][4][5] a detailed bird's-eye view of Paris realized by Louis Bretez from 1734 to 1739.[6][7]

Michel-Étienne Turgot was the father of the famous Anne Robert Jacques Turgot, economist and Minister of Louis XVI and Étienne-François Turgot, naturalist, administrator of Malta and governor of French Guiana.[8] Son and father were buried in the Chapel of Hôpital Laënnec in Paris.


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