Mary of York

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Mary of York
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Born11 August 1467
Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England
Died23 May 1482(1482-05-23) (aged 14)
Palace of Placentia, Greenwich, London, England
Burial28 May 1482
FatherEdward IV
MotherElizabeth Woodville
English Royalty
House of York
Coat of Arms of Edward IV of England (1461-1483).svg
Edward IV

Mary of York (11 August 1467 – 23 May 1482) was the second daughter of Edward IV of England and his queen consort Elizabeth Woodville.

Early life

Mary of York was born on 11 August 1467 at Windsor Castle. She was the second child of Edward IV of England and his queen Elizabeth Woodville.[1] Mary was baptised soon after her birth. One of her sponsors was the Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Bourchier.[2]

She had nine siblings (Elizabeth of York, Cecily of York, Edward V of England, Margaret of York, Richard of Shrewsbury, 1st Duke of York, Anne of York, George Plantagenet, Duke of Bedford, Catherine of York and Bridget of York) and two half brothers from her mother.[2]

Marriage proposal

There were reportedly plans to marry her to John, King of Denmark but nothing came of them.[1]

Lady of the Garter

In May 1480, Mary was named a Lady of the Garter along with her younger sister Cecily of York. Their older sister Elizabeth had already been a Lady of the Garter in February of the same year.[3]

Death and burial

Mary died at Palace of Placentia in Greenwich on 23 May 1482,[1] and was buried at Windsor Castle[4] in St George's Chapel.



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