Mandali, Iraq

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Mandali is located in Iraq
Mandali's location inside Iraq
Coordinates: 33°44′N 45°33′E / 33.733°N 45.550°E / 33.733; 45.550
DistrictBalad Ruz
341.2 ft (104 m)
 • Total29,882[1] - 50,000[2]</ref>
Time zoneUTC+3

Mandali (Kurdish: Mendelî ,مەندەلی[3][4], Arabic: مندلي‎) is a town in Balad Ruz District, Diyala Governorate, Iraq, near the Iranian border. It is majority Kurdish[5] and minority Arab.[2] The town experienced an ethnic cleansing wherein its Kurdish population was attacked and Arab settlers were encouraged to settle in the town.[6]


During September 1980 of the Iran–Iraq War, the town and other nearby villages were attacked by Iranian forces.[7]

In 1991 it experienced a massacre for participating in the Iraqi Uprising.

A referendum on whether the area should become part of the autonomous Kurdistan Region was scheduled to be held in November 2007, but was initially postponed for up to six months and ended up never occurring.

Coordinates: 33°44′22″N 45°33′41″E / 33.739544°N 45.56129°E / 33.739544; 45.56129

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