List of massacres in Venezuela

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The following is a list of massacres that have occurred in Venezuela (numbers may be approximate):

Name Date Location Deaths Notes
Altagracia massacre [es] 2014, 10 November Altagracia de Orituco [es], Guárico state 11 Ambush by El Picure gang
Barlovento massacre [es] 2016, Late Barlovento, Miranda state 12 Disappearance by a Operación Liberación del Pueblo [es] operative. On 25 November common graves were found in the area by the CICPC.
Cantaura massacre 1982, 4 October Cantaura, Anzoátegui state 23 Guerilla fighters killed.
Caracazo 1989, 27 February Caracas 246-2000+ Wave of protests, riots and lootings in the capital Caracas and nearby towns where martial law was imposed and many protesters were killed by security forces.
Cararabo massacre [es] 1995, 25 February Frontier with the Vichada Department, Colombia 8 Venezuelan soldiers in a border garrison were killed by an ELN guerrillas commanded by a Venezuelan National Guard deserter.
Cariaco massacre [es] 2016, 11 November Cariaco, Sucre state 9 Massacre of fishermen. Four wounded.
Coro massacre [es] 2013, 4 July Coro, Falcón state 2 Shooting of the National Guard of a woman and her daughters. The mother and one of the daughters were killed, while the two remaining daughters were helped shortly afterwards.
El Junquito massacre 2018, 15 January El Junquito 10 Rebel leader Óscar Alberto Pérez, six rebels and three officials killed.
El Valle massacre [es] 2016, 21 March Caracas 10 Gang violence. Fourteen wounded.
Llaguno Overpass events (El Silencio massacre) 2002, 11 April Caracas 19 Shootout between the Metropolitan Police and pro-government gunmen during an opposition march to the presidential Miraflores Palace.
Kennedy massacre [es] 2005, 27 November Caracas 3 College students killed by police officers. Three wounded.
Los Maniceros massacre 2009, October La Tala, Táchira state 11 Kidnapping of a Colombian amateur association football team.
Massacre of El Amparo 1988, 29 October El Amparo, Apure state 14 Massacre of fishermen near the village of El Amparo.
Retén de Catia massacre [es] 1992, 27 November Retén de Catia [es], Caracas 63-200+ Massacre by the National Guard and the Metropolitan Police of prison inmates during the second 1992 Venezuelan coup d'état attempt
Sabaneta massacre [es] 2013, 16 September Sabaneta, Zulia state 16 Gang violence in prison. Forty eight wounded.
San Román Tragedy [es] 1995, 23 June Caracas 5 Hostage crisis. Eight wounded.
Terrazas del Ávila hostage crisis [es] 1996, 15 April Caracas 2 Hostage crisis. Three wounded.
2016 Tumeremo massacre 2016, 8 March Tumeremo, Bolívar state 4 Disappearance of twenty eight miners. Twenty four miners remain missing.
October 2018 Tumeremo massacre 2018, 14–16 October Tumeremo, Bolívar state 7+
August 2018 Tumeremo massacre 2018, 26 August Tumeremo, Bolívar state 12+
Uribana massacre [es] 2013, 25 January Barquisimeto, Lara state 61 Prison riot. One hundred and twenty wounded.
Yumare massacre 1986, 8 May Yaracuy state 9 Massacre of members of the subversive group Punto Cero by the DISIP.
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