List of massacres in Ukraine

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This is a list of massacres in Ukraine.

Name Date Location Perpetrators Deaths Notes
Siege of Kiev November 28–December 6, 1240 Kiev Mongol Empire 48,000
Tach Vetat 1648–1649 Nationwide Cossaks 20,000–100,000 Jews See Jewish casualties of Tach Vetat for discussion of various estimates of the number of murdered.
Batih massacre June 3–4, 1652 Batih Cossaks 3,500–8,000 Polish POWs Also known as the "Sarmatian Katyń."
Sack of Baturyn November 2, 1708 Baturyn  Russian Empire ~7,000 Ukrainians After the capture of the city, its entire civil population was massacred by Russian forces
Massacre of Uman June 1768 Uman Ukrainian rebels 2,000–33,000 Jews and Poles
Kiev pogrom (1881) May 7, 1881 Kiev Unknown
Odessa pogrom (1905) October 18 and 22, 1905 Kiev Ethnic Russian, Ukrainian and Greek rioters 400–1,000 Jews
Kiev pogrom (1905) October 31–November 2, 1905 Kiev Ethnic Russian, Ukrainian, etc. rioters 100 Jews
Mass killings of Jews during the Russian Civil War 1918–1923 Ukraine and Southern Russia  Ukrainian People's Republic
 Russia White Army
Green armies
Ukrainian nationalists
100,000–150,000 Jews Including Jews who were massacred in Southern Russia.
Vinnytsia massacre 1937–1938 Vinnytsia  Soviet Union 9,432 Ukrainians Part of the Great Purge.
Fântâna Albă massacre April 1, 1941 Fântâna Albă  Soviet Union 200–2,000
NKVD prisoner massacres in Ukraine June–November 1941 In 78 prisons across Ukraine  Soviet Union Almost 9,000 By Stalin's orders.
Lviv pogroms (1941) June 1941 – July 1941 Lviv Ukrainian nationalists 6,000 Jews
Kamianets-Podilskyi massacre August 27–28, 1941 Kamianets-Podilskyi  Nazi Germany
Hungary Hungary
Ukrainian Auxiliary Police
23,600 Jews
Pavoloch massacre September 5, 1941 Pavoloch  Nazi Germany 1,500 Jews
Nikolaev massacre September 16–30, 1941 Mykolaiv  Nazi Germany 35,782 mostly Jews
Babi Yar massacre September 29, 1941 Babi Yar  Nazi Germany 33,771 Jews
Berdychiv massacre October 5, 1941 Berdychiv  Nazi Germany 20,000–38,536 Jews
1941 Odessa massacre October 22–24, 1941 Odessa  Nazi Germany
 Kingdom of Romania
25,000–100,000 Jews
Drobitsky Yar December 15, 1941 Kharkiv  Nazi Germany 15,000 Jews
Massacres of Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia March 1943 – December 1944 Volhynia Ukrainian Insurgent Army 60,000–100,000 Poles
Koriukivka massacre March 1–2, 1943 Koriukivka  Nazi Germany 6,700
Janowa Dolina massacre April 23, 1943 Janowa Dolina Ukrainian nationalists 600+ Poles
Hurby massacre June 2, 1943 Hurby Ukrainian Insurgent Army 250 Poles
Dominopol massacre July 11, 1943 Dominopol Ukrainian Insurgent Army 490 Poles
Gurów massacre July 11, 1943 Gurów Ukrainian Insurgent Army 410 Poles
Poryck massacre July 11, 1943 Poryck Ukrainian Insurgent Army 300 Poles
Zagaje massacre July 11–12, 1943 Zagaje Ukrainian Insurgent Army 260–350 Poles
Budy Ossowskie massacre August 29, 1943 Budy Ossowskie Ukrainian Insurgent Army 290 Poles
Głęboczyca massacre August 29, 1943 Głęboczyca Ukrainian Insurgent Army 250 Poles
Wola Ostrowiecka massacre August 30, 1943 Wola Ostrowiecka Ukrainian Insurgent Army 529 Poles
Huta Pieniacka massacre February 28, 1944 Huta Pieniacka Ukrainian nationalists 500–1,200 Poles
Karavan shooting September 26, 2012 Kiev Yaroslav Mazurok 3
Kharkiv beheadings December 15, 2012 Kharkiv Unknown 4 Murder of judge Vladimir Trofimov and his relatives
February 2014 Euromaidan violence February 18–21, 2014 Kiev Government of Viktor Yanukovych 100+
2014 Odessa clashes May 2, 2014 Odessa pro-Ukrainian activists 48
Murder of Pentecostals in Slaviansk June 2014 Slaviansk Russian Orthodox Army 4
Novosvitlivka refugee convoy attack August 18, 2014 Novosvitlivka, Luhansk Oblast Luhansk People's Republic Luhansk People's Republic (suspected) 17
Volnovakha bus attack January 13, 2015 Volnovakha Donetsk People's Republic Donetsk People's Republic (suspected) 12
January 2015 Mariupol rocket attack January 24, 2015 Mariupol Donetsk People's Republic Donetsk People's Republic (suspected) 31
2015 Kharkiv bombing February 22, 2015 Kharkiv Kharkiv Partizans (suspected) 4
Kerch Polytechnic College massacre October 17, 2018 Kerch, Crimea Vladislav Roslyakov 21 School shooting and nail-bomb attack
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