List of massacres in Slovakia

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The following is a list of massacres that have been occurred in the territory of today's Slovakia (numbers may be approximate):

Name Date Location Deaths Notes
Černová massacre October 27, 1907 Csernova, Austria-Hungary (today part of Ružomberok, Slovakia) 15 52 injured
Nemčice massacre 11 September 1944 Nemčice, Slovak State 53 Perpetrated by Einsatzkommando 14. Victims were Slovak Jews, including women and children.[1]
Kremnička and Nemecká massacres 5 November 1994 to 19 February 1945 Banská Bystrica area about 1,700 Slovak members of the Hlinka Guard Emergency Divisions and the German Einsatzkommando 14 perpetrated the murders. The victims were mostly Jewish. The rest were Roma, as well as "Aryan" Slovak partisans.
Kolbasov massacre 6 December 1945 Kolbasov, Third Czechoslovak Republic 15 Victims were Slovak Jews who survived the Holocaust. Perpetrators unknown, Ukrainian Insurgent Army blamed.[2][3]
Dunajská Streda massacre March 25, 1999 Dunajská Streda 10 3 armed men stormed a bar and shot dead 10 members of a mafia that terrorized Dunajská Streda.[4]
Bratislava shooting August 30, 2010 Devínska Nová Ves, Bratislava, Slovakia 8 17 injured

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