List of massacres in Serbia

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Name Date Location Deaths Notes
Slaughter of the Knezes January, 1804 Valjevo 70–150
Štip massacre 26 October 1915 Ljuboten 118-120
Surdulica massacre 1916–1917 Surdulica 2,000–3,000 Bulgarian war crime
World War II massacres of Serbs 1941-1945 Serbia 200,000-400,000 Serbs exterminated Croatian war crime (excluding the non-massacre related deathtoll of the 100,000 Serbs killed in concentration camps)
Kraljevo massacre 15 to 21 October 1941 Kraljevo ~2,000 German war crime
Kragujevac massacre 20 and 21 October 1941 Kragujevac 2,778 German war crime (see: War crimes of the Wehrmacht}
Novi Sad raid January 1942 Hungarian-occupied Bačka 3,000–4,000 Hungarian war crime (see: War Crimes of World War II#Hungarian perpetrated crimes)
Communist purges in Serbia in 1944–45 October 1944 to May 1945. Serbia 80,000–100,000+ Yugoslav Communist war crime (A total of 56,000 Germans, 20,000–40,000 Hungarians and 23,000-24,000 Serbs killed)
Paraćin massacre 3 September 1987 Paraćin 5 spree killing
Vranje massacre 3 June 1993 Vranje 8 spree killing
Jabukovac killings 27 July 2007 Jabukovac 9 spree killing
Velika Ivanča shooting 9 April 2013 Velika Ivanča, Mladenovac 13 spree killing
Žitište shooting 2 July 2016 Žitište 5 spree killing

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