List of massacres in Rwanda

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Name Date Location Deaths Notes
Rwandan genocide 7 April – 15 July 1994 Various 500,000–1,000,000[1] 70% of Tutsis exterminated, 30% of Twa kiled
Murambi Technical School massacre April 16, 1994 Murambi Technical School 45,000 Part of the Rwandan genocide.
Ntarama Massacre 15 April 1994 Ntarama church, Ntarama 5,000 Part of the Rwandan genocide.
Nyarubuye massacre April 15-16, 1994 Kibungo Province 20,000 Part of the Rwandan genocide.
Kibeho Massacre April 22, 1995 near Kibeho 4000+ Rwandan government estimated death toll at 330
Gikondo massacre April 9, 1994 Gikondo, Kigali 110 part of the Rwandan genocide.


  1. ^ See, e.g., Rwanda: How the genocide happened, BBC, May 17, 2011, which gives an estimate of 800,000, and OAU sets inquiry into Rwanda genocide, Africa Recovery, Vol. 12 1#1 (August 1998), p. 4, which estimates the number at between 500,000 and 1,000,000. Seven out of every 10 Tutsis were killed.
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