List of massacres in Romania

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The following is a list of massacres that have occurred in the territory of present-day Romania (numbers may be approximate):

Name Date Present location Deaths Notes
Siculeni massacre 7 January 1764 Siculeni, Harghita County 400 Székelys Memorial plaque unveiled on the spot in 1899 mentions 200 victims.
Revolt of Horea, Cloșca and Crișan 1784-1785 winter Brașov County, Făgăraș County, Sibiu County and Hunedoara County About 4000 victims in 133 settlements, mostly Hungarians.
Mihalț massacre 29 June 1848 Mihalț, Alba County 12 armed Romanian peasants Administrator Ferencz János from Aiud claims 50 dead and 70 injured.
Sângătin massacre 14 October 1848 Sângătin, Sibiu County 140–175 ethnic Hungarians
Zlatna massacre 22–24 October 1848 Zlatna, Alba County 8–10 Romanian spearmen
700 ethnic Hungarians
Ighiu massacre 29 October 1848 Ighiu, Alba County 200 ethnic Hungarians
Aiud massacre 8–17 January 1849 Aiud, Alba County 800–1,000 ethnic Hungarians
Abrud massacre 9 and 17 May 1849 Abrud, Alba County 1100–1200 ethnic Hungarians
Buceşi massacre 9 May 1849 Buceş, Hunedoara County 200 ethnic Hungarians
Dorohoi pogrom 1 July 1940 Dorohoi, Botoșani County 53 Jewish community in Dorohoi claims the death toll between 165 and 200.[1]
Nușfalău massacre 8 September 1940 Nușfalău, Sălaj County 11
Treznea massacre 9 September 1940 Treznea, Sălaj County 93
Ip massacre 14 September 1940 Ip, Sălaj County 157 158, including an unborn child[2]
Jilava massacre 26 November 1940 Jilava, Ilfov County 64
Bucharest pogrom 22 January 1941 Bucharest 120 Other five Jews were missing and presumed dead.[3]
Iași pogrom 29 June - 6 July 1941 Iași, Iași County 13,266 Jews Under the direction of Marshal Ion Antonescu, one third of the city's Jewish population was exterminated
Aita Seacă massacre 4 September 1944 Aita Seacă, Covasna County 13–100 ethnic Romanians and 13 ethnic Hungarians
Luduș massacre 5–13 September 1944 Luduș, Mureș County 13 Jews
Sărmașu massacre 17 September 1944 Sărmașu, Mureș County 126 Jews
Hărcana massacre 24 September 1944 Hărcana, Cluj County 18 ethnic Romanians
Various massacres by the Maniu Guard September–October 1944 Northern Transylvania 49 ethnic Hungarians Mihăileni, Gheorgheni, Sândominic, Zimbor, Aghireş, Huedin
Moisei massacre 14 October 1944 Moisei, Maramureș County 29 Two men were also seriously injured.[4]
Romanian Revolution of 1989 16–25 December 1989 Main Romanian cities 1,104
Ethnic clashes of Târgu Mureș 19–21 March 1990 Târgu Mureș, Mureș County 5 Hundreds of people were also wounded.
June 1990 Mineriad 13–15 June 1990 Bucharest 6–100
September 1991 Mineriad 25–28 September 1991 Bucharest 4
Hădăreni riots 20 September 1993 Hădăreni, Mureș County 3
Săpoca Hospital Massacre 18 August 2019 Săpoca 8 A 38-year-old man hospitalised at The Săpoca Hospital killed 5 people and hurt 8 with an infusion stand


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