List of massacres in Pakistan

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A massacre is the deliberate slaughter of members of one group by one or more members of another more powerful group. A massacre may be indiscriminate or highly methodical in application. A massacre is a single event, though it may occur during the course of an extended military campaign or war. A massacre is separate from a battle (an event in which opposing sides fight), but may follow in its immediate aftermath, when one side has surrendered or lost the ability to fight, yet the victors persist in killing their opponents.


Name/Place Date Location Deaths Notes Ref
2003 Quetta mosque bombing 4 July 2003 Jumah Prayers shiya mosque 53 By Lashkar e Jhangvi [1]
2010 Ahmadiyya mosques massacre 28 May 2010 Lahore Tehrik-i-Taliban Punjab
2014 Peshawar school massacre 16 December 2014 Army Public School Peshawar 148 By Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan [2]
2015 Karachi bus shooting May 13, 2015 Safoora Goth 45+ By Jundallah [3]
June 2013 Pakistan bombings 30 June 2013 Quetta 52 One attack near a Shiite Muslim mosque in Hazara Town, Quetta in which at least 28 people killed. Another attack near the Badhaber Police Station in Peshawar in which 18 people killed. Other in a check post in Miranshah, North Waziristan in which four security officers were killed. [4]
Pearl Continental hotel bombing 9 June 2009 Peshawar 17 By Fedayeen al-Islam [5]
2003 Quetta mosque bombing July 4, 2003 Quetta 44 It was second major sectarian attack on Hazara community in Quetta. [6]

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