List of massacres in Myanmar

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The following is an incomplete list of massacres that have occurred in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma).

Name Date Location Deaths Perpetrators Victims
1930 Rangoon riots 1930 Rangoon (present-day Yangon) 120–200+ Bamar rioters Ethnic Indian dockworkers
Arakan massacres 1942 Arakan (present-day Rakhine State)
  • 20,000 Rakhines killed
  • 40,000+ Rohingyas killed[1]
Rakhine Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims Rakhine Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims
Kalagong massacre 7 July 1945 Kalagong 600–1,000 Imperial Japanese Army Villagers of Kalagong
8888 Uprising and subsequent massacres 8–9 August 1988 nationwide 3,000–10,000[2][3][4] Tatmadaw Pro-democracy protesters
September military coup and massacres 18–19 September 1988 Rangoon Tatmadaw Burmese civilians and government officials
Depayin massacre 30 May 2003 Depayin 70 Supporters of the SPDC-led military junta Members of the National League for Democracy (NLD)
Saffron Revolution and massacre of monks September 2007 nationwide 13–31 SPDC-led military junta Buddhist monks
Kha Maung Seik massacre 25 August 2017 Kha Maung Seik 99[5] Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army Hindu villagers
Chut Pyin massacre 26 August 2017 Chut Pyin 130[6]–358[7] Myanmar Army and Rakhine villagers Rohingya villagers
Gu Dar Pyin massacre 27 August 2017 Gu Dar Pyin 10[8]–400+[9][10] Myanmar Army and Rakhine villagers Rohingya villagers
Maung Nu massacre 27 August 2017 Maung Nu 82 killed or missing[11] Myanmar Army Rohingya villagers
Tula Toli massacre 30 August 2017 Tula Toli (Min Gyi) est. 500+[12] Myanmar Army Rohingya villagers
Inn Din massacre 2 September 2017 Inn Din 10[13] Myanmar Army and Rakhine villagers Rohingya villagers


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