List of massacres in Malaysia

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The following are a list of massacres that have occurred in Malaysia and its predecessors:

Name Date Location Deaths Notes
Sook Ching February to July 1942 Japanese-occupied Malaya 70,000 Killing of ethnic Chinese populations in Malaya by the Imperial Japanese military, following similar actions in Singapore.
Parit Sulong Massacre January 23, 1942 Johor, Japanese-occupied Malaya Killing of Allied prisoners of war by the Imperial Japanese military.
Jesselton Revolt 9 October 1943 Jesselton, British Borneo
Batang Kali massacre December 12, 1948 Batang Kali, Malaya 24 Killing of villagers (alleged to be communist sympathisers) by counter-guerrilla British Army troops.
Bukit Kepong incident 23 February 1950 Bukit Kepong, Muar 25 Killing of police, women and children by Communist party of Malaya
Memali Incident November 19, 1985 Kampung Memali, Baling,
18 Killing of religious fanatics by Royal Malaysia Police.
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