List of massacres in Libya

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The following is a list of massacres that have occurred in Libya (numbers may be approximate):

Name Date Location Deaths Notes
Al-Jawazi tribe massacre September 5, 1817 Benghazi Nearly 10,000 Ottoman Pasha Yusuf Karamanli ordered the extermination of Al-Jawazi tribe, following a dispute regrading tribute and uprising against his rule.[1][2]
Sciara Sciatt massacre October 23, 1911 Tripoli outskirts Nearly 500 "Bersaglieri" Italian soldiers were massacred with cruelty and sadism, 290 of them after surrender.[3]
1911 Tripoli massacre October 24-26, 1911 Tripoli some 4,000[4] Italian troops massacred the Muslim Libyan population of the Mechiya oasis the day after the Sciara Sciat massacre. In three days hundreds of civilians, children, women were killed. One hundred women and children were burned in a mosque after mortar attack.[5]
1945 Tripoli pogrom November 5–7, 1945 Tripoli 140+[6][7][8] Muslim rioters killed Libyan Jews; 36 victims were children.
1948 Tripoli pogrom June 12, 1948 Tripoli 12[7] Muslim rioters killed Libyan Jews.
Abu Salim massacre 29 June 1996 Abu Salim prison, Tripoli Up to 1200 [9] Prisoners expressed anger at the restricted family visits and poor living conditions, and were subsequently shot and killed.
Warehouse in Khalit El-Ferjan, Salahaddin 23 August 2011 Suburb to the south of Tripoli At least 47 The building was being used as a temporary prison by the Khamis Brigade, the elite force headed by Col Gaddafi's son.
Gargur District Around 21 August 2011 Gargur, Tripoli At least 17 Appear to have been shot dead by pro-Gaddafi troops as the rebels advanced on the Gargur district of Tripoli. Those killed were said to have been held prisoner at an Internal Security building in the district.
Camp outside Bab al-Azizia August 2011 Bab-al-Azizya Compound, Tripoli At least 29 Not yet known whether the killings were carried out by rebel fighters or pro-Gaddafi troops.
Hotel Mahari October 2011 Hotel Mahari, Sirte 53 HRW said they believed the hotel had been in the hands of anti-Gaddafi forces from Misrata.


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