List of massacres in Iran

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This is a list of massacres in Iran.

Name Date Location Deaths Perpetrators Notes
Destruction of Persepolis February 330 BC Persepolis Unknown Ancient Macedonian army Civilian population and captives slaughtered at random upon conquest of the city. City burned to the ground in May 330 BC.
Massacre of the Cossaei December 324 BC/Early 323 BC Zagros Mountains Unknown Ancient Macedonian army Alexander the Great puts the entire Cossaei nation to the sword in forty days.
Istakhr massacre 651 Istakhr 150,000[1] Rashidun Caliphate Part of Arab conquest of Persia. There are disagreements as to whether it constitutes a massacre.[citation needed]
Mongol mass-killings of Iranians 1219–1258 Iran 10,000,000–15,000,000[2] Mongol Empire 75%[2]-90%[3] of Iranian population killed
Siege of Isfahan (1387) 1387 Isfahan 70,000–200,000 Timurid Empire [4][5]
1910 Shiraz blood libel 1910 Shiraz 12 Anti-Jewish pogrom
Ottoman genocide of Assyrians during the Persian Campaign, the occupation of north-west Iran 1914–1918 Iran 12,000 According to The New York Times[6]
Cinema Rex fire 1978 Abadan 470
Black Friday 1978 Tehran 88–4,000
1988 executions of Iranian political prisoners 1988 Iran 30,000 [7]
2003 Iran Ilyushin Il-76 crash 2003 kerman 275
Nishapur train disaster 2004 300+


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